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questions to ask when interviewing supply chain candidates

If you are in charge of finding new hires for your company, then you’re probably going to end up interviewing a large number of qualified candidates. Because of this, you’ll want to ask a few unique questions that will help you separate the ideal candidates from the pack.

The following are a few questions to ask when interviewing candidates for a supply chain and logistics company:

  • Who would you invite to dinner?  – Ask what three people, fictional or real (but no family or love interests) that they would invite to a private dinner. This allows you to see how candidates think on their feet and how they explain their answers without having prepared for them.
  • How do I know that you can do this job? – By casting doubt on their ability to do the job, you can judge how much confidence they actually have as well as their ability to convince you.
  • What are three things we don’t know about you? – Most of the basic questions are questions that candidates have prepared for. This question will come out of nowhere and will cause them to really think about what some things are that could help them with the job. Not to mention it allows them to let their guard down and be a little more personal, which gives you a better idea of their personality and how they will fit in with the rest of the company.
  • What are your plans for after this job? – Tell them to assume they have the position. What will their next step in life be after they leave the company? Their answer can tell you a lot about what they can bring to the company. For example, if they want to start their own business, then you’ll know they are ambitious and have an entrepreneurial spirit, which can really help with a smaller company.

Ask these unique questions when finding interim candidates for a supply chain and logistics company. For more information about hiring for a supply chain and logistics company, be sure to contact us at Optimum SCR today.

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