HR managers vs. recruiters
HR Managers Vs. Outsourced Recruiters
September 22, 2015
standing out to recruiters
How to Stand Out to Recruiters
October 19, 2015

Making a new hire for your business comes with a lot of responsibility. Utilizing the right job boards, thoroughly reviewing resumes and cover letters, seeking out the most relevant experience levels and skill sets, and finding the time to conduct interviews with the best candidates is an extremely time-consuming process from start to finish. Instead of doing this yourself or even passing it off to your HR manager, take a moment to look into outsourced recruiters. There are quite a few benefits to utilizing a recruiter that cannot be achieved otherwise.

For the sake of time, here are some of the major ways hiring a recruiter is a smart choice. 

  1. Specialized Job Markets- Depending on what field your business falls into, chances are there’s a recruiter out there that specializes in finding candidates within that field. By doing a search, it’s likely that you will find a recruiting company that seeks out candidates for the positions that need filling the most frequently. At the least, they will have experience in filling the same kinds of positions.
  2. Reduced Costs- Taking into consideration all of the tasks needed to fulfill including paying to post on credible job search sites and the time need from interview-to-hire, hiring a recruiter may save you money. All of these responsibilities are bundled into one fee that is paid to the recruiter, and their resources allow them to work much more time-efficiently, ultimately saving the money you may lose from falling behind on the workload and paying for each service separately,
  3. Ample Resources- Speaking of resources, recruiters have access to special candidate-seeking resources that go above and beyond job search websites. They have ways to obtain contact information of active job seekers in specialized job fields, and they can get your posting in front of the right people at the right time. Further, they’ve built a network of outside resources that help to speed up this process.
  4. Sole Responsibility- Instead of juggling several tasks, recruiters main duty is to fill job positions for companies. They have one job function to fulfill and nothing else to steer them off track. This leaves little room for failure and more room to
    succeed in filling the job position they’ve been assigned.

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