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June 19, 2015
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When interviewing successfully for a supply chain position, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a number of questions about you and your past experiences. However, you should also prepare some questions for the employer.  No matter how experienced you are, having the employer ask you for your questions is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the interview, as it’s your time to truly differentiate yourself as an eager and thoughtful candidate.

The following are a few questions that you can ask when the employer asks that dreaded final interview question:

  • What can you do to make their job easier? – This shows that you want to know why they are hiring and what they are looking for out of the position.
  • What is the biggest hesitancy they have about hiring you? – This gives you a chance to understand how they are viewing you as a candidate. It also gives you the opportunity to address whatever issue they might have. For example, if it’s an experience issue, then you could bring up a previous position you excelled at without having had a lot of experience going into that job. If it’s because they think you are lacking a skill, emphasize that you are willing to work hard to lean whatever additional skills are necessary.
  • How do they feel about risks and experimentation? – This question shows that you are willing to adapt. Some companies like it when their employees take risks or experiment in certain areas in order to achieve results. It shows initiative. However, some companies prefer that you stick to the proven path and work within the structured environment that they have established.
  • Who are their most recent hires? – Find out about some of the other positions that were filled. Follow this up by asking whether some of their hires have worked out or not. This can help you figure out what you need to do in order to be successful if you are hired and it shows the employer that you are already thinking ahead.

Ask these questions when interviewing. For more tips on interviewing successfully for a supply chain position, be sure to contact us at Optimum SCR today.

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