Director of Procurement

In the supply chain and logistics discipline, every department works in tandem, including supply chain, operations, facilities, accounting, customer service, inventory, transportation, logistics, production and materials. The ultimate goal is to efficiently streamline the supply chain process and provide the user, consumer or customer with the right product when and where they need it.

For the company to function properly and the process to run smoothly, every position in the procurement department must acquire the proper materials and keep track of purchasing procedures to obtain the supplies essential to the supply chain. In many respects, the procurement department is the heart of any supply chain company — and the Director of Procurement is directly involved in its success.

Does your company have a vacancy in this essential role? Learn why the position is so important to the supply chain process and the overall operation of your organization.

Director of Procurement Job Description

As an upper-level management position, Directors of Procurement work expressly within logistics, planning and purchasing to ensure the consistency, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy of the procurement process. They’re responsible for overseeing and facilitating the purchasing strategy, supervising teams of subordinate staff in purchasing, operations and logistics, and ensuring all employees and processes meet the company’s standards and designations for work quality.

The Director will establish essential guidelines for approving purchase orders, set purchasing policies, manage inventory, budget for materials and continuously consider stock requirements, skills and account balances. While managing purchasing processes and results, the Director of Procurement must also collaborate initiatives for cost-reduction.

Typically, a Director of Procurement communicates regularly with many other professionals, including leadership teams in operation and finance, project managers, engineers, production workers, sales representatives and administrative workers. He or she is also in direct communication with vendors and suppliers to handle queries, make agreements and improve the purchasing process. To better understand every aspect of procurement, the Director may attend regular meetings with other teams. The Director of Procurement reports to the Vice President of Purchasing or the company’s CFO.

Express tasks of the Procurement Director include:
  • Maintaining knowledge of the market, in addition to current prices and fair rates for goods
  • Planning policies and procedures for efficiently, honestly, economically and productively purchasing goods for supply chain production and operation
  • Monitoring, reviewing and analyzing bids and quotes with suppliers, including the negotiation of service agreements and contracts
  • Overseeing sources for purchasing supplies
  • Maintaining company budget and streamlining costs

Director of Procurement Salary and Qualifications

Procurement Directors see generous pay, with average annual salaries ranging from $140,000-$160,000 based on experience and potential. The position requires specific and detailed qualifications, including:
  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience, including a minimum of five years in management
  • Extensive field knowledge
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to direct others according to company standards
  • Exemplary multitasking and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills

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