Great Cures to Common Leadership Weaknesses

One of the most important aspects of maintaining success on the job is providing good leadership. Poor leadership can cause a decrease in employee morale, efficiency and effectiveness. Fortunately, there are some cures to some of the more common leadership weaknesses. The following are a few tips for curing those leadership weaknesses:

  • Over working – It’s okay to push your employees. But overworking your staff can turn bad quickly. By making everything a priority, you’ll wear down employees. It results in the team becoming overworked and stressed out, which leads to an increase in mistakes. Overworked employees are also less willing to go the extra mile when you need them the most.
  • Demanding immediate results – Some things take time. Being impatient can do a lot of damage. What ends up happening is that your team will end up wasting more time fixing mistakes they made because they were rushing the job in order to get it done sooner.
  • Getting angry – People make mistakes. Don’t yell or be overly aggressive every time a mistake is made. Sure, you should speak with them. But if you’re overly aggressive when they make a mistake, they are going to be afraid to speak to you about problems or new ideas, which could end up hurting you in the long run. 
  • Becoming jealous – Team leaders sometimes get jealous of the success of other teams.This can create a turf war mentality and dirty politics, which ends up causing the workplace to become unproductive and miserable. A good leader focuses on making their team succeed–not on making other teams fail.
  • Becoming lazy – Some leaders are all talk and no action. They believe that team meetings where employees listen to them speak are productive even if they have no goal. Keep your meetings short and make agendas to ensure productivity.

These are a few cures to leadership weaknesses that will help with maintaining success on the job. For additional advice, contact us at Optimum SCR today.

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