how companies can up their supply chain recruiting game
How Companies Can Up Their Supply Chain Recruiting Game
April 3, 2017
why your company should hire a supply chain recruiter
Why Companies Should Seek a Recruiter’s Advice
April 17, 2017
hiring strategies to use during talent shortage

Hiring Strategies to Use During Talent Shortages

If you’ve been in the supply chain and logistics discipline for a while, you’re probably keenly aware of the supply chain talent shortage. Finding qualified senior-level executives and managers in the logistics discipline has been difficult for years, given the number of positions that are available and the lack of experienced professionals to fill them.

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Long-Term Solutions to the Supply Chain Talent Shortage

Developing long-term solutions to the supply chain talent shortage may be easier for the industry overall than creating short-term solutions. To create a greater number of people who want to work in the supply chain discipline, companies in the industry can develop educational programs that are designed to get kids interested in the industry at a young age.

These organizations can also develop advertising and social media campaigns that are geared toward college students. These campaigns can explain how certain courses of study can help students succeed in the supply chain discipline, an industry the students may have overlooked otherwise.

Short-Term Solutions for Beating the Supply Chain Talent Shortage

While there may not be any industry-wide, short-term solutions for beating the supply chain talent shortage, there are still things you can do to overcome the lack of talent. If you’re wondering how to overcome the supply chain talent shortage, consider putting the following tips into practice:

  • Create an ideal candidate profile: To make sure you hire the right people, you need to create a profile of your ideal job candidate. You can do this by identifying the key traits that make your current, retainable talent successful in their respective roles. You can then include these characteristics in your ideal candidate profile. You should ensure the candidates you hire in the future have as many of these traits as possible to increase the odds they’ll succeed and remain on your payroll.
  • Get creative: If what you’ve been doing to find new talent isn’t working anymore, it’s time to get creative and look for other sources of candidates. You can start by determining who your competitors’ top performers are and seeing if they’d be willing to join your team. You can try to recruit people from outside your local market, or you may even want to look abroad for qualified candidates, too. You can offer amenities your competitors don’t in order to attract talent as well, such as the freedom to telecommute or work part-time.
  • Use social media: More and more people are using social media for purposes other than catching up with their friends. Many people turn to social media for breaking news stories, for instance, and a lot of others use social media to interact with individuals in their field. Find out what social media platforms are used by supply chain executives and use them to recruit talent.
  • Contact optimum supply chain recruiters: Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters has been helping organizations in the supply chain and logistics discipline find the talent they need for more than 75 years. We specialize in finding the highly qualified candidates our clients need to fill their key management and executive positions. When it comes to filling your vacant senior supply chain positions, we assume the responsibility for beating the supply chain talent shortage for you. Contact us to learn more today.
Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson was born and raised in New York City, and graduated with a B.A. degree in Management from the City University of New York. For 10 years, Don managed Operations and Supply Chain departments for consumer products companies. He then turned his attention to supply chain recruiting and for the past 27 years, has specialized in recruiting and placing supply chain executives throughout North America. Don is certified by the National Association of Personnel Consultants. He was a Partner at Hunt Ltd., and more recently was the Founder and Managing Partner of LogiPros LLC, a logistics recruiting firm. Don is a regular contributor of topical human resource articles for DC Velocity magazine, the CSCMP Supply Chain Comment, and The WERCSheet, published by the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC). He is Past President of the NY/NJ/CT chapter of WERC

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