why your company should hire a supply chain recruiter
Why Your Company Should Hire a Supply Chain Recruiter
December 20, 2016
choosing the right recruitment company
Choosing The Right Recruitment Company
February 14, 2017
how our recruiting services benefit HR

How Our Recruiting Services Benefit HR Professionals

 Our Recruiting Services Can Benefit You

At Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, we offer recruiting services specifically for the supply chain and logistics discipline. There are many reasons why an HR professionals like yourself should use recruiters like us:

1) The role of human resources in supply chain management is changing.

As an HR professional, you are expected to do more today with fewer resources. You are responsible for to on-boarding, processing and sourcing new individuals for your company. You are not only active in the hiring process but are expected to be a source of support for existing employees and managers. Keeping up with all of your daily demands can be difficult especially when you are trying to find the right qualified talent for your company. That is where Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters can help.

We understand the demands placed on HR professionals, and our goal is to assist you in making efficient choices while using your time effectively. We make resources go further by tapping into a large network of job candidates who are not actively looking for a new position but who fit your needs. We become your partners in recruiting, working alongside you finding passive candidates.

2) An experienced, external perspective can reap big benefits.

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters not only has an outside, unbiased view of the hiring process at your organization, but is also experienced in the supply chain and logistics discipline. We are uniquely poised to bring an innovative approach to your hiring process.

3) The stakes are higher than ever before.

The costs of the wrong candidate are high. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a bad hire costs 30% or more of the worker’s first-year wages, and some companies put the costs even higher.

The wrong candidate can be worse than no candidate at all. When you feel the pressure to hire the right team member, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters can help. One of the advantages of hiring through a recruitment company like Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is that you are not alone. Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is your partner in the recruiting process, finding candidates and helping you find the right fit for your company.

How Supply Chain Recruiters Help HR

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters can help you make the most of your time and resources. By reducing the risk of a bad hire, offering an unbiased view of the process and providing support for recruiting, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters can help you be the best HR professional you can be. To find out how we can work with you, contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters today.

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