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When you’re preparing for an interview, most people will tell you to practice and prepare answers to possible questions ahead of time. While this does ensure you come up with good answers to some of the trickier questions, it does have one negative consequence — it can leave your responses feeling pretty robotic.
Interviewing successfully for a supply chain position requires more than good answers. Most supervisors are looking for personable, genuine employees. How can you convey your positive personality and also come up with good answers?

Here are a few tips for answering questions naturally:

  • Before the interview, come up with a list of possible questions, and think about how you may answer them if they are asked. Do not, however, rehearse specifically worded answers. You’ll come across as authentic if you pause a few times when formulating the actual response during the interview.
  • Don’t be afraid of pauses. It is perfectly okay to stop and think for a second. Pausing doesn’t make you look incompetent; it makes you look thoughtful. Avoid chattering on and on to fill blank pauses.
  • Have a friend or family member run through a practice interview with you a few days before the real interview. Among the questions you should ask your practice interviewer following the session are “Did I appear natural?” and “Was my body language comfortable and relaxed?” If your practice interviewer has suggestions for improvement, implement them and practice again.
  • Instead of focusing on getting the “correct” answers, focus on your delivery of your answers. You want to come across as passionate, interested, and engaged. Responding naturally to questions rather than reciting memorized answers makes it easier to express your passion for the position and subject matter.

Interviewing successfully for a supply chain positionrequires that you not only convey your knowledge, but also your positive personality and interest in the discipline. For more guidance and information about working in the supply chain discipline, contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters.

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