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What Motivates You?

Preparing yourself properly is a must if you have any plans for interviewing successfully for a supply chain position. This means doing your research on the company for which you are interviewing as well as preparing answers to potential questions. Some of the questions that you’ll most likely be asked are often quite broad because the interviewer is looking for unique answers that will set you apart from other interviewees. For example, one common question that is very broad is “what motivates you?”

Explaining to an interviewer what your motivation is can be pretty challenging, especially if you haven’t prepared yourself for the question. If you’re asked what your motivation is on the spot, then there’s a good chance that your answer will appear vague, which will make you seem unmotivated and uninterested – two impressions you absolutely do not want to give off. Even worse, you may not even be able to supply an answer at all, which will make you look like a deer in headlights. That tells interviewers that you do poorly under pressure or that you simply have no idea what your motivation is.

This is why you need to sit down and really think about this question. The question is going to come up in more than one interview and you’ll need to nail it if you plan on interviewing successfully for a supply chain position. Sit down and really think about what motivates you to do what you are doing. Write it down so that you can really make it clear to yourself, thereby making it easier to make it clear to the interviewer. Don’t just come up with a generic response, like that your passion is logistics or that you love working with people. Interviewers want to hear a motivation that will keep you going, that will continuously drive you to succeed. A motivated person is a person that is hungry for success, which means that they are more likely to help the company succeed.

Figure out what your motivation is before going to an interview. Contact us at Optimum SCR for more interview tips.

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