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Knowing When It’s Time To Stay Or Leave A Job

Complacency is a hard ball to kick, but there comes a time when you have to decide if it’s time to make an important decision. Leaving a job because of mere boredom can be irresponsible, while staying at a job that makes you  unhappy is not an honorable self-made decision either. Here are some factors to consider that will help you determine whether you should stay or go.

No Motivational Reason

Is there something that you’re working towards? If there’s an ultimate goal in sight that just requires some patience and fortitude, then it’s likely that you’re just anxious to get where you’re going. However, if you don’t see a future with this position and there is no potential to excel, it may be time to consider other options.

Low Yearly Increment

Look at the way you’re being reimbursed for your work. If you feel that your pay and benefits are a fair reflection of your performance, then you’re in a good place. If you’ve given the job 100%  but you feel undervalued and the yearly increase doesn’t seem to add up with the hours of work and sweat put into the job, you probably need to evaluate your next move.


Every employee, regardless of the hierarchy of their position, deserves to feel appreciated by the place that they spend the majority of their time. It is good to know when you are appreciated for your efforts versus simply undervalued.

Work-Life Balance

While it’s true that we spend a good portion of our lives working towards a greater purpose or goal, work should only be one aspect of our lives. A good company will recognize and honor their employees’ willingness to have a life outside of work. Whether that’s family or just ulterior hobbies, it is important to balance you work life with your personal life. Are you able to achieve this with your current position? If you find yourself buried in work leaving little time for yourself, you should reevaluate whether it’s your career’s fault or your own.

Whatever conclusion you reach along the way, be sure to approach any discrepancies with patience and respect.

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