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Operating a company in the supply chain and logistics disciplines means maintaining a carefully constructed balance of departments, operations and materials to make sure your products or services are available to your clients or customers in a timely, satisfactory manner that compromises neither efficiency nor quality. Focused on the ultimate goal of supplying the finished product to the end user, supply chains must coordinate and communicate between multiple departments, disciplines and functions — including planning, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, production, warehousing, transportation, distribution and customer service.

For any supply chain to operate according to executive strategies and meet its manufacturing, production, quality and delivery goals, the logistics department is crucial. Managing transportation, distribution, customer service and more means careful strategizing, analysis and implementation by the most qualified, skilled logistics professionals — and when you have a vacancy in your department, it can strain the entire company.

Rather than expending additional energy and time searching for the right candidate to fill your vacancy, compromising the integrity of your company and taking time away from essential duties, relieve yourself of the burden by allowing expert logistics recruiters to supply you with the top talent you need. As a qualified logistics recruitment company with more than 30 years of experience in providing serious, exemplary candidates to supply chain and logistics companies, OptimumSCR has the resources, expertise and professionalism to find the best candidates to meet your position needs.

Logistics Positions We Recruit

You need an experienced, specialized Logistics Recruiter

People with these traits aren’t easy to find. That’s where OptimumSCR comes in. OptimumSCR has the connections, tools, and skills and know-how to find the right senior logistics executive for your company’s needs. Our reach extends across all industries. Chief Logistics Officer is just one example of the type of the high-level positions we at Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters help our clients fill. To speak with one of our logistics headhunters, contact OptimumSCR. Our Interim Division can also help you attain your specific goals by hiring an in-house consultant.

Logistics Executive Recruiter Services We Offer

For all permanent logistics positions from standard to crucial executive roles, OptimumSCR offers the following personalized logistic recruiting services to fill your vacancies:
  • Retained Search: Our retained search services are typically needed when a company has a director level and above position open. When this occurs, we work directly with your team following a 10-step process to successfully fill your open position. Unlike other large search firms, we also offer a 12-month unconditional guarantee period on all of our retained services. Learn more about what makes our retained search services today!
  • Dedicated Engagement: Explicitly targeted toward high-level and executive positions, our dedicated engagement recruitment service is a retained search hybrid where you receive personalized attention from a dedicated recruiter, who will work to communicate and coordinate with your team for the best understanding of your company goals and the position in question. From our initial discovery and collaboration phase to providing you with weekly progress reports of prospective candidates, we’re deeply invested in finding the right talent to fill your vacancy. We even interview, assess and qualify the top candidates for you, offering you an evaluation for your hiring purposes and saving you so much time and trouble.
  • Contingency Recruiting: Focused on mid level management and lower-level positions, our contingency recruiting services work directly with your company to understand its goals and fill your vacancy with the candidate most qualified and fitting for your company. We follow through with our placement by following up, and we’re with you through the entire process — plus, you won’t pay until your candidate is successfully placed.
As a top logistics recruitment agency, OptimumSCR understands your needs exactly, and we will work tirelessly to provide you with the motivated candidates your company needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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