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Import Manager, Export Manager, Director of International Compliance, Director of Customs Compliance

You can rely on us to find the right candidates.

As an international supply chain recruiter, we specialize in finding the right person to fill your international logistics management positions. Import Manager, Export Manager, Director of Compliance, Compliance Manager, Director of International Logistics — these are just a few of the positions that for which companies need talented, knowledgeable people to move their goods around the world.

We understand that these positions require very specialized skill sets geared toward ensuring that your company’s products and materials transit the world smoothly, without interruptions or bottlenecks. This means finding candidates who know all about import export regulations and requirements, Customs rules, international transportation, packaging, international documentation requirements, and much more.

If You’re looking for Import Manager Positions — We Can Help With Our International Supply Chain Solutions.

Stick figure men surrounding a target, with one purple stick figure in the middleAgain, importing materials and products into the United States requires an Import Manger with specialized knowledge, skills and experience. There’s nothing worse than shutting down an assembly line because your import materials are held up at port due to Customs documentation issues.


Our network of contacts in the areas of international supply chain recruitment  gives us access to the kind of people you need to fill these highly specialized positions. From Import Managers, Export Managers, Directors of International Compliance, Directors of Customs Compliance, Compliance Managers all the way to a Director of International Logistics, you can rely on Optimum SCR to recruit the talent that will ensure that your company’s export and import processes flows and runs like clockwork.

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Import-Export Manager is just one the positions available. Submit your resume to us today.

Our Retained Search Division, Contingency Recruiting Division and Interim Division successfully fills positions in Import-Export, International Compliance, Customs and Trade Compliance and other international-related logistics positions. Contact us to assist you in your recruiting efforts, or call us at 800-300-7609.

As a logistics recruiter, we specialize in finding the right person to fill your international logistics management positions. Count on it.