Positions We Staff

If you’re looking for recruiters for purchasing positons or other openings you have in your organization, your search is over. At Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, we specialize in finding candidates in the supply chain and logistics discipline on a nationwide basis. With our years of experience and expansive network of talent, we’re ready and able to find the right people for your purchasing positons and any other executive positions that are vacant in your company.

If you’re in the supply chain and logistics discipline, you already know hiring qualified talent can be challenging because the industry currently has more vacant positions than available candidates. That’s why it’s so critical for you to work with a recruiter you can trust to find the quality talent your company needs. Work with a partner you can trust. Learn more about of ethics code.

What We Do

We have a track record of success with finding executives in the supply chain discipline for our clients. We’re not intimidated by the lack of talent in the logistics discipline. Instead, we’re challenged by it. And we rise to the challenge whenever our clients need us to do so.

We continue to find talent for our clients in all facets of the supply chain and logistics discipline. Here are some of the roles we'll fulfill for our clients:

Recruiters for procurement positions: We’re specialized recruiters for purchasing positions who understand how important it is for you to have knowledgeable, capable talent in your senior-level procurement positions. We know procurement is a critical area for your company, which is why we’ll make finding the right procurement executives for your company our top priority. Here are some of the positions we’ve recruited for our clients:

  • Vice President of Global Sourcing
  • Vice President of Global Purchasing
  • Director of Procurement
  • Vice President Purchasing
  • Vice President Sourcing
  • Director of Purchasing
  • Director of Procurement
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager
  • Buyer

Recruiters for logistics positions: We’re the experts savvy companies turn to when they need highly qualified third-party sales and 3PL operations and executive talent. With our extensive network of 3PL professionals, we’re prepared to find the candidates you’re looking for quickly. Here are some of the positions we’ve filled for our clients in the logistics discipline:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Director
  • General Manager
  • 3PL Operations Management
  • Administration Management
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Third-Party Sales

Recruiters for supply chain positions: Having the right talent in the right executive positions is vital to the success of your organization and its ability to thrive in an increasingly global and complex marketplace. Here are some of the senior-level positions we’ve helped our clients fill in the supply chain discipline:

  • Chief Logistics Officer
  • Vice President Global Supply Chain
  • Vice President Supply Chain
  • Director Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Supervisor

Recruiters for international logistics management: We’re proud to be the international supply chain recruiter companies rely on when they need to fill their key executive and management positons. Here are some of the positions we’ve recruited highly qualified candidates to fill:

  • Import Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Director of Compliance
  • Compliance Manager
  • Director of International Logistics
  • Director of Customs Compliance

Recruiters for distribution positions: If you need assistance with filling your senior-level distribution or warehousing positions, we can help! We’ve recruitered the following positions for our clients, and we can do the same for you:

  • Vice President Distribution
  • Director Distribution
  • Distribution Manager
  • Shipping Manager

Recruiters for manufacturing executives: We have found manufacturing executives for our clients at every conceivable management level. We know hiring manufacturing executives is exceptionally challenging since there is a labor shortage in this market, but we’re ready to find the right manufacturing talent for your company.

If you’re in the supply chain and logistics discipline, contact OptimumSCR to learn more about the positions we can fill for you today.