Purchasing Manager

In the supply chain and logistics disciplines, the purchasing manager is responsible for making sure the client's needs are met when it comes to the purchase of goods. They purchase products from vendors for the company to resell or use. This individual works with the procurement team, refines processes and strives to create more value for the clients and the company. They assess the quality of goods, oversee buyers and purchasing agents and formalize contracts.

Larger supply chain companies will have more employees and create more positions so the purchasing manager position might be the same as a purchasing analyst at smaller companies.

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Purchasing Manager Job Description

The manager isn't directly responsible for other purchasing analysts like the purchasing director is. While the purchasing manager may have some duty in supervising staff the purchasing manager is mainly responsible for developing and executing purchasing strategies, crafting negotiations to strike the best deal with vendors & tracking key performance indicators in order to measure their success. 

Depending on the company size the purchasing manager may also be in charge of managing budgets, managing supplier relations and allocating tasks throughout the purchasing team. Lastly, the manager also develops bids and proposals, processes orders and handles discrepancies in invoicing.

In that role, they develop long-term goals for the department, create and share a business plan for procurement and manage the team. As a part of their work, the director will evaluate team and individual performance, designing a program that makes the best use of the team's skill.

When other departments need to communicate about procurement or have related questions, the director of procurement is the professional they contact. The procurement director also takes care of contracts — including their administration and creation — within the department. If training related to procurement is required at the company or within the director’s team, the director will organize the appropriate programs.

The procurement director also works on developing and managing any policies and programs pertaining to procurement. Their goal is to keep other departments aware of any relevant changes or needs that come up and improve overall efficiency as well as value for clients.

Purchasing Manager Salary and Qualifications

The purchasing manager needs qualifications such as:

  • A degree in business administration or a similar field of study
  • 4 years of experience as a purchasing analyst or a similar role
  • A wealth of knowledge in supply chains and their functions
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal & written)
  • Some sort of management experience or the ability to supervise a team
  • Most employers prefer an APICS certification

The average salary for a purchasing manger is around $100,000, with a range of $80,000 to over $120,000.

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