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April 1, 2022
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Essential Leadership Qualities of a VP of Distribution
May 2, 2022
retaining supply chain talent

Retaining Supply Chain Talent

Supply chain talent isn’t something that’s easy to come by. Recruiting, interviewing, selecting and securing the right candidate with the right skill set is an involved process that only those within the supply chain, logistics, and distribution disciplines can understand, and working with the right recruitment agency can be the best way to fill your positions.

The best candidates in the profession need to have the knowledge, skills, personality traits and expertise to understand their position. When you find fantastic individuals to fill your most important positions, you won’t want to lose them. To ensure that you retain talented employees you need to provide an environment and perform tasks to make sure you retain your supply chain talent.

One of the best ways to promote growth in your supply chain discipline is by retaining your talent and fostering lasting relationships with those who work to help your business thrive. Retaining your talent is essential in all industries now more than ever, as companies nationwide see more candidates leaving their jobs in search of new opportunities. The existing talent shortage in the supply chain discipline makes retention even more crucial.

Give your supply chain discipline a competitive edge by creating a positive work environment that gives your talent many reasons to stay and grow with the company.

How to Retain Supply Chain Employees

  • Foster Connections

One easy way to help your talent become more integrated into your business is by putting more effort into creating meaningful connections with them. Setting aside time to make small talk and learn more about your talent can go a long way toward making them feel included in the work culture and cared about as individuals.

  • Be Open to Flexibility

Companies that allow for more flexibility in scheduling and work routines have higher retention rates. More people are craving a sustainable balance between their work lives and their personal lives and are seeking companies that show they care about their well-being.

Offering perks like work-from-home options and four-day workweeks can make it easier for your talent to balance their lives and increase their satisfaction with their work life.

  • Communicate Clearly and Often

Clear communication is vital to maintaining a productive and effective work environment. Communication is also an essential element of talent retention. Make sure your talent knows who is available throughout the day to answer questions and the best way to get in touch with them.

You should also give consistent and timely feedback so your talent understands exactly how they can succeed. Make sure you also allow opportunities for your talent to give you feedback, so you can work to improve your supply chain discipline further and show them you value their input.

  • Create a Multifaceted Environment by Promoting Diversity

Any good company needs a diverse team of individuals with different backgrounds, viewpoints, skillsets, experiences and expertise. Encouraging diversity in the workplace will help expand the company’s knowledge, broaden its horizons and create new opportunities. In addition, individuals new to the environment will feel welcomed and driven by its healthy variety, because they’ll feel they have something unique to contribute to a dynamic team. Diversity is a key way of keeping supply chain talent.

  • Provide a Basis for Mentorship

Even the most talented and experienced individuals won’t always be in their element in a new workplace, and walking into a company that’s uninvolved or uninterested in dedicating time to its employees can stymie retention rates and hurt the overall functionality of the organization. Instead, foster an atmosphere that’s nurturing, individually focused and intent on support. Incorporate a mentorship program to encourage new employees, keep them invested in the company and keep you invested in each other.

  • Encourage Professional Development and Advancement

Retaining supply chain talent and keeping your employees motivated means giving them a reason to keep learning and improving. Encouraging employees to develop professionally, providing resources for them to learn or offering advice on opportunities like seminars is a fantastic way to reinforce their interest in the industry and the company. In addition, filling some positions from within and offering advancement opportunities will help make employees loyal to your organization.

Many candidates will want to know there are opportunities for growth if they choose to accept the position. Potential for growth shows candidates you are investing in their futures and giving them room to further their careers within your company.

Strong leaders within your company can motivate your talent through meaningful coaching, support obtaining certificates or new degrees, help with working through new challenges and more.

Contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters Today

Hiring the right candidates is a crucial first step toward retaining your talent in the supply chain discipline. At Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, we are nationwide specialists in discovering and recruiting talent for supply chain and logistics disciplines.

We can identify and vet candidates quickly by using one of the nation’s most extensive networks of supply chain professionals. Our experienced recruiting specialists will take the time to understand your company’s specific needs and pinpoint the best candidate for your role.

Reach out to our team today to find the perfect candidate!

Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson was born and raised in New York City, and graduated with a B.A. degree in Management from the City University of New York. For 10 years, Don managed Operations and Supply Chain departments for consumer products companies. He then turned his attention to supply chain recruiting and for the past 27 years, has specialized in recruiting and placing supply chain executives throughout North America. Don is certified by the National Association of Personnel Consultants. He was a Partner at Hunt Ltd., and more recently was the Founder and Managing Partner of LogiPros LLC, a logistics recruiting firm. Don is a regular contributor of topical human resource articles for DC Velocity magazine, the CSCMP Supply Chain Comment, and The WERCSheet, published by the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC). He is Past President of the NY/NJ/CT chapter of WERC

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