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Need a Distribution Position Filled?

If your answer is YES, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters can help. We are executive recruitment consultants for the distribution field who specialize in all aspects of warehousing, freight distribution, logistics solutions, and distribution recruiting & placement. We fill positions at all levels, across all industries, with qualified candidates thanks to our global supply chain network, so you have the right talent in the right position at the right time.

Finding The Right Candidate Can Be Difficult

We make the process painless and burden-free with our Distribution Executive Search Services. Warehousing, Shipping, Fulfillment and Distribution – along with the rest of the functions of a supply network – have become increasing complex. The functional scope and sophistication of warehousing procedures, processes, operations and automation systems have increased exponentially. As has the complexity of the warehouse management systems (WMS) and IT integration needed to run a best-in class distribution center or warehouse. It’s tough to ensure that you have the right Vice President Distribution, Director Distribution, Distribution Manager and Shipping Manager in the right positions at every level of warehouse/distribution center operations. That’s where distribution recruitment consultants come in.

Why Choose Optimum?

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters has a ready talent pool of Vice Presidents, Directors for warehouse management, as well as Distribution Managers and Shipping Manager professionals available today for our clients. We have the expertise and process in place to help our clients find the “perfect match.”

We have specific reasons to choose us from the other warehouse management recruitment agencies.


Our executive recruiters offer more than 100 years of combined supply chain and logistics expertise.

Extensive Talent Pool

Our talent pool consists of more than 30,000 candidates, so we're sure to have access to the right person for your open position. Whether you're looking for someone close to home or want to conduct a nationwide search, you can count on us to deliver results. We can even find a temporary solution if that meets your current hiring needs.

Passive Job Search Expertise

In many cases, especially when conducting an executive search, the best candidates are currently employed and not actively seeking a change. Because of our extensive network of contacts and the sophistication of our process, we can identify these talented individuals and gauge their potential interest in your opening.

Overcoming the Candidate Shortage

If you've attempted to hire a distribution executive yourself, you've probably discovered that there are many more open positions than qualified candidates. Because of our expertise and access to qualified candidates, we can locate individuals you probably couldn't find without help. We can also generate excitement for what your role has to offer.

Consultative Approach

We view ourselves as much more than executive recruiters — we take on the role of problem-solvers for our clients. We believe that serving as a trusted business consultant is the most effective way to help you locate the right candidate for your open positions. It's also why so many clients come back to us whenever they have a challenging vacancy to fill.

Quick Results

When it comes to filling open positions, the longer it takes, the more costly it can be to your business. At OptimumSCR, we strive to be executive recruiters that can deliver distribution or warehouse candidates as quickly as possible. In many cases, we can present talented individuals to your company within a few business days.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You'll also feel more confident knowing that your distribution executive search firm stands behind its placements. Depending on the level of services we provide and the nature of the position we help fill, we will also include an unconditional guarantee ranging from 30 days to six months. If the new hire doesn't work out within the designated time frame, we'll find a qualified replacement at no extra cost.

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