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Supply Chain Career Outlook

Careers and even whole industries progress as time does, whether it’s from technology or recognizing new needs. The supply chain discipline is not immune to this change. Different career paths are emerging as part of digitization, and the career outlook looks promising as the U.S. makes a greater push toward domestic manufacturing.

Where the Supply Chain Discipline Is Going

Supply chain management career outlooks depend on companies’ adoption of technology. Artificial intelligence, blockchain and more will center the discipline in the next few years. Instead of just having this technology, companies will need to center their day-to-day operations around it.

Innovative technology in supply chain management will improve efficiency, customer service and more. Those that take advantage of this technology will have a competitive edge over the competition. Therefore, those looking at supply chain management career projection should learn how to use new technology and master the skills it takes to be an effective leader within this framework.

Supply Chain Management Career Projection

Today, supply chain talent may look to move up from an analyst to management to an executive in a company. While those careers will still prove valuable in the future, supply chain managers are looking at new positions that could see the light as early as 2025. And there’s no need to worry that new technology will hurt your career. Instead, these cost-saving measures will allow companies to invest in other places and open up new positions that take on different roles and responsibilities.

Today’s demand planners may see a supply chain management career outlook that’s more focused on troubleshooting new algorithms and cloud-based solutions. Analysts will also have to get involved to deal with problems at the transaction level and solve supply and demand balancing issues. Production planners will also work with robots that can ensure precision during the manufacturing process.

A logistics manager will deal more with customers, as automated fulfillment centers can deal with sending products to end users. Finally, sustainability will also become critical in the supply chain discipline as whole careers look at the financial impact of materials and how to eliminate waste.

Hiring Supply Chain Talent

These supply chain management career outlooks beg the question of what will change when hiring supply chain talent. There’s a noticeable talent shortage that makes it more difficult to hire qualified talent. In the digital age, it’s important to search for talent that’s familiar with new technology and how to use it. More and more companies will look for talented managers and executives that can lead the whole team into the digital age.

This is not to say that “soft skills” will not be important. Good leadership, communication and creative skills will stay as essential as they are now. A good candidate in this electronic world should also come with a willingness to learn new concepts and ways to use technology to increase profit and reduce waste.

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Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson was born and raised in New York City, and graduated with a B.A. degree in Management from the City University of New York. For 10 years, Don managed Operations and Supply Chain departments for consumer products companies. He then turned his attention to supply chain recruiting and for the past 27 years, has specialized in recruiting and placing supply chain executives throughout North America. Don is certified by the National Association of Personnel Consultants. He was a Partner at Hunt Ltd., and more recently was the Founder and Managing Partner of LogiPros LLC, a logistics recruiting firm. Don is a regular contributor of topical human resource articles for DC Velocity magazine, the CSCMP Supply Chain Comment, and The WERCSheet, published by the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC). He is Past President of the NY/NJ/CT chapter of WERC

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