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Talent pools, job postings and the job market are in a specialized arena today, and finding a new staff member to fill an important position in the supply chain and logistics discipline can be especially difficult when specialized talent is rare and company-specific. In addition to the challenge and time consumption of advertising, interviewing and attempting to select a qualified candidate, an unfilled top-tier position can place stress on your company and keep it from operating as it needs to. To avoid these strains, consider supply chain recruitment consulting from Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters.

If you are looking for a Vice President of Global Supply Chain, Vice President of Supply Chain, Supply Chain Director, Supply Chain Manager, or Supply Chain Analyst we can help. Time-to-value is key. We are a supply chain recruiting company that specializes in supply chain recruiting and placement. We fill positions at all levels, across all industries nationwide, with qualified candidates so you have the right talent in the right position at the right time. Read on to find out why we are the best headhunters for the supply chain discipline.

What Is a Supply Chain Executive Headhunter Recruiter?

As opposed to a Human Resources department or a generalized recruitment agency, supply chain executive headhunters specialize in securing talent for your senior management team and executive positions in the supply chain and logistics disciplines. With time-efficient, proven methods in retained recruitment, contingency recruitment, and dedicated engagement — a hybrid method — specialized recruitment companies like Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters are fully invested and engaged in the process of finding you top talent for the supply chain job you're in need of no matter the experience level.

Part of the job is getting to know your company, understanding the nature of your open positions needs, seeking out active and passive candidates that we know have the right skillsets and helping you through the acquisition process. The best part is that our expertise in the supply chain, logistics, and distribution disciplines means you can rely on our professional choices more than any other headhunter recruiter.

Why Do You Need Supply Chain Executive Headhunters?

In today’s increasingly complex global economy, having the right Vice President Global Supply Chain or a Vice President Supply Chain, can have a profound impact on the efficacy of your entire supply chain. Savvy companies recognize this. The strong leadership of a Vice President of Global Supply Chain means a competitive edge in the marketplace. Companies seek our help in order to find the best and brightest candidates who will lead their supply chains and bring about high levels of customer satisfaction and experience. That’s why companies turn to us to find them the best talent, the brightest candidates to lead their supply chains in best practices, integration, seamless operations and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. As executive supply chain recruiters, we can help you find the brightest talent!

Contact our team today to help fill your Vice President Global Supply Chain opening, Vice President Supply Chain and other high-level and middle management supply chain management positions through our supply chain headhunting services.

Supply Chain Management Positions We Recruit

How You Can Build Out Your Senior Supply Chain Management Team with Supply Chain Recruitment Consulting

As a supply chain recruiting organization, we have developed a ready pool of pre-qualified, highly experienced supply chain professionals across multiple industry sectors, all functional areas and all management levels. Our Retained Search Division, Contingency Recruiting Division and Interim Division successfully fill positions in Supply Chain Management, from supply chain specialist, to Supply Chain Manager, to Director of Operations, to Vice President Global Supply Chain, to Chief Supply Chain Officer.

Make us your first choice for your supply chain recruiting needs. Contact us today or call us at 1-800-300-7609.

Why Choose OptimumSCR?

Simple. Supply Chain Management recruiting is our business and our specialty. We have over 100 years of experience in supply chain recruiting. That means we have the tools, connections, knowledge, and expertise to recruit and place the right candidates for your company’s needs.

Other reasons to make OptimumSCR your supply chain executive recruiters include:

  • Extensive talent pool: Any supply chain recruitment firm you work with should provide several qualified individuals for your open positions. With a candidate base consisting of nearly 30,000 professionals, OptimumSCR has access to the right people for your needs. We can conduct the search locally or tap into our expansive nationwide network.
  • Passive search expertise: The most talented leaders aren't necessarily seeking to make a change. Our executive recruiters are experts at identifying and pursuing individuals who would be the perfect fit for your organization and making them aware of your fantastic career opportunity, even if they currently work for a competing organization.
  • Guarantee on placements: We recognize that hiring an executive is a crucial decision — one that you need to get right. When you partner with Optimum SCR, you can do so with total confidence with our unconditional guarantee. If the individual you hire doesn't work out within the predetermined time frame, typically 30 days to six months, we'll find a replacement at no additional cost.

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Get in touch with a supply chain management recruitment agency you can trust. Contact us today!

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