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Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is an expert third party logistics (3PL) recruiter. Look to us to find and fill your third party logistics sales and third party logistics operations positions. Don Jacobson, President of Optimum, has specialized in this industry for over 25 years. Don, who has unmatched contacts in and knowledge about this sector—has worked with many of the major 3PL’s placing Presidents, senior level third party logistics sales and Business Development people, Operations, Administration and Finance Executives and Managers.

Optimum Specializes in Third Party Logistics  Recruiting.

We know the 3PL business, and have a network of connections throughout the industry. What this means is that we regularly place personnel with 3PLs at all levels — from CEO on down to third party logistics operations managers at distribution services providers, contract and public warehouses: With dry, refrigerated and frozen distribution centers, with transportation providers: with ocean, motor carrier, air freight and rail or intermodal services providers.

We are third party logistics  recruiters for the 3PL industry. We recruit third party logistics Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, 3PL Operations Management, Administration Management, Finance, IT and Third Party Sales and Business Development Executives.

3PL providers count on us to deliver the right 3PL executives,3PL sales and 3PL operations candidates for the right positions. That’s what we do. Every day.

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For 3PL Sales and 3PL Operations Positions Savvy Companies Turn to OptimumSCR Third Party Logistics Recruiters. Here’s Why.

We have the third party logistics recruiter experience and expertise, and a ready pool of highly qualified 3PL sales and 3PL operations and executive candidates. As more and more companies outsource their supply chain functions to third party logistics providers, the challenge to find suitable candidates to fill critical roles at 3PLs increases dramatically. With Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, you start out ahead of the curve. We already have a roster of potential candidates and a superior recruiting team.

That’s why OptimumSCR’s Third Party Logistics Recruiters is the smart choice for forward-thinking 3PL companies. As a premier 3PL recruiter, we have a proven track record of recruiting and placing third party sales and 3rd party operations candidates in all aspects of the supply chain, domestic and global, across areas including transportation, warehousing, shipping, freight forwarding, distribution and more.

Contact us today. We can help you find the perfect candidate for your 3PL jobs.


In a highly competitive marketplace, being without senior level leadership is not an option. Being short–staffed isn’t either..

A gray puzzle with one missing piece, yellow, removed and off to the sideOptimum Supply Chain Recruiters offers the expertise of third party logistics recruiters and hiring flexibility 3PL providers need. Whatever the assignment, our team of experienced logistics professionals works with you to find the right candidate for the right position.

Our Retained Search Division successfully fills senior level positions in 3PL Sales and Operations, typically at the President, Vice President, and Director Levels. Third Party Logistics operations providers partner with our Contingency Recruiting Division and Interim Division to find the right personnel to fill their long and short-term 3PL sales and third party logistics operations needs at all levels (Manager and up) for their organization.