Tips for Successful Executive Recruiting

Are you searching for top-tier candidates for your top-tier executive positions in the supply chain, logistics and procurement departments of your supply chain company? When you’re trying to operate your company efficiently to coordinate the supply chain, logistics, procurement, distribution, transportation and other departments and provide cost-efficient, timely product-to-customer service for your success, a vacancy in crucial executive roles like chief supply chain officer, vice president, or director can put a strain on your supply chain process.

You need the best professionals possible to manage your departments, implement executive strategies, administer operative plans, balance duties and do everything it takes to contribute to the success of the company. Those tasks take the best skills in communication, task- and time-management, analysis and innovation — in addition to the highest level of professional expertise, education and experience. But how do you find candidates of the caliber you require, and — even more importantly — how do you keep them? If you’re looking for executive recruiting advice, we’re here to help.

From knowing what to look for in candidates and value in applications to rethinking your company’s approach to hiring, here are some helpful tips for recruiting executives:

1. See the Potential

When it comes to filling vacancies with professionals for your most vital positions, you’re obviously looking for candidates with the proper amount of experience — and it makes sense to value previous success in a similar role when you need a candidate to contribute right away. However, narrowing your search to a strict list of background requirements will significantly limit your choices, and it might lead you to neglect a candidate who could be an excellent fit in terms of skills, drive and company culture.

Instead of focusing only on professional background and prior positions when fielding candidates, use a more well-rounded perspective by considering all aspects of the individual, including passion and potential.

2. Value Soft Skills

While core skills like communication, time-management, problem-solving, task-management, analytics, organization and attention to detail are certainly important qualities to search for in a potential candidate, soft skills are just as crucial to the success and drive of an individual within a company. Although they’ve been undervalued in the past, it will benefit your company to search for engagement, motivation, determination, insight and curiosity in potential candidates — they contribute greatly to an individual’s ability to succeed in a high-demand position.

3. Look Outside the Industry

If you’re having trouble recruiting executives for supply chain, logistics and procurement, it could be that your search is too narrowly focused on your own industry.  While in-depth experience is valuable and can be helpful for executive positions, the necessary skill set and competencies can come from outside the industry as well. Leadership, knowledge of margin, efficiency and experience with driving process, for example, can be just as developed in other industries, and outside hires can bring a fresh perspective to the job along with the crucial skills they need to perform it.

Turn to OptimumSCR For Your Executive Recruiting Advice

When it comes to recruiting and hiring for executive-level positions, remember to keep an open mind in terms of your candidates’ potential, background and skill sets — the best professional to do the job successfully might surprise you. If you need further assistance and the expertise of a professional recruiter, trust Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters for executive recruiting tips and recruitment services.

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