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August 19, 2015
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September 22, 2015
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Do you plan on becoming a successful manager in the supply chain discipline? If so, you’re going to need to have leadership skills. Without leadership skills, you’re going to have a tough time advancing in the supply chain discipline, especially to positions that require leadership.

The following are some of the strengths that great leaders have to have:

  • You have to have passion – Without passion, your drive to not only advance in the supply chain discipline but to simply remain in it will fade over time. This will make it difficult to find the energy you need to stick to challenging projects. Not to mention that as a leader, your attitude will affect those working under you. If you don’t show passion, neither will those working for you.
  • You have to know yourself – You need to know what your strengths and skills are. More importantly, you need to know what your weaknesses are. Good leaders know when to ask for help as well as when to assert themselves.
  • You have to understand context – You need to understand that different circumstances can affect the decision making process. Certain events and people can trigger strong reactions and can result in decisions being made out of emotion instead of according to a logical plan.

These are three strengths that every leader must have. But in order to have all three of these strengths – or to develop them – you need to have a plan. For example, if you are offered a promotion, you need to know exactly where that promotion could fit within your long term plan. If your plan is to stick with the same company with the goal of becoming a successful manager in the supply chain discipline there, you’ll turn it down. If it doesn’t matter where you achieve this goal, you’ll take it. If you have no plan whatsoever, you’re going to end up being indecisive, which could result in the wrong decision. As a leader, you can’t be indecisive.

Keep these tips in mind and contact Optimum SCR for more advice concerning a career in the supply chain discipline.

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