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Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is well equipped to deliver the resources you need to design and execute your transportation strategy. We can help you find, attract and hire suitable candidates with the appropriate level of transportation experience: from a Vice President of Transportation with executive leadership and responsibility to manage domestic and global transport. In fact, we can help you find the right people for all facets of traffic management-—inbound, outbound, inter-plant, warehouse-to-warehouse and delivery to end customer.

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Risk Management: It Pays to Hire a Professional to Make Sure You Get the Right Person for Your Transportation Position.

Hiring the wrong Transportation Manager to manage your transportation functions and services can be a disaster for your business, and for your customers — especially with the recent volatility in the transport sector. That’s why Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is the perfect choice as your transportation recruiter. We know transportation, and the people who excel at it.


Transportation’s not just about moving goods from Point A to Point B. With today’s escalating time, volatility and cost pressures, it’s much more complex than that—it includes an ever-increasing emphasis on IT/software solutions (Transportation Management Systems) to help manage and drive the business, improve visibility, reduce unpredictability and supply chain disruption, and ultimately contribute to better total landed costs.

What does this means for the search process? The answer is simple: You need transportation management candidates – Transportation Managers through Vice President of Transportation — with

a greater degree of sophistication who are completely versed in transportation and distribution logistics, transportation procurement, planning and optimization, operations and execution, managing time and costs. We have a roster of just such qualified candidates and can actively recruit to your specifications.

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We Specialize in Executive Level Transportation Recruiting for permanent or interim positions.

Leadership. Knowledge. Experience. Outstanding negotiating skills. Execution. These are the qualities and skill sets you want in a Vice President of Transportation. Our involvement in leading industry organizations gives us access to the best and brightest in the transportation arena in a full range of industries — heavy manufacturing, automotive, CPG, third party logistics, retail, high tech, chemical, pharmaceutical and other sectors.

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Our Transportation Recruiters successfully fill Manager positions in the transportation arena every day.

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From Transportation Analyst to Vice President of Transportation, We Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Vice President of Transportation, Director Transportation, Transportation Managers—these are the levels of transportation opportunities available. Our network of contacts gives us access to high caliber executives, and to all management levels across a wide range of industries. Check out our current career opportunities.

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