Contingency Recruiting

When it comes to finding the right people for your organization, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters has developed an exacting contingency recruiting process. We work in partnership with you, our client, to execute on this process and deliver the results you expect and need.

Our recruiting process works as follows:

  • Develop a profile – We make it our business to understand your company, your players, the position and the attributes of the ideal candidate.
  • Develop the position description – We will assist you in developing a position specification that will guide us through the applicant recruiting process.
  • Develop a prospect research strategy – With your input, we will develop a target company ‘hit list’. Using this hit list, together with our database, extensive network, and advanced recruiting technology tools, we will identify ideal candidates.
  • Present prospective candidates – We present candidates based upon your specification with a resume and a synopsis of their background
  • Assist in the interview process – First impressions are critically important for you and your company, as well as for the candidate. We will assist both parties in preparing for the interview. We will de-brief both you and the candidate after each interview in order to facilitate the offer and acceptance process.
  • Assess references – We develop a well-rounded reference-assessment process. This may include contacting former managers, peers, supervisors and non-business acquaintances. We look for common threads throughout the reference-assessment process, and submit the candidate’s references and our findings to you in a written document. If you desire any other background checks, we will use an outside organization to conduct a level of search appropriate to your needs.
  • Offer and Acceptance – By pre-selling your company and the opportunity throughout the process we can provide you with our expertise in developing the right package.
  • Follow-up – After the offer is made and a start date has been agreed upon, we will stay in touch and follow-up with the candidate until they join your organization
If this process sounds like the perfect fit for your business, Contact Us Today about your recruitment needs.