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Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is a supply chain recruiting firm that specializes in finding top candidates in the supply Chain, Procurement, & Logistics disciplines. The shortage of talent in the supply chain discipline is at a critical stage. The best candidates have many options and can choose between the best opportunities. We work as an extension of your organization, helping you find top talent that has the skills that you want.

As top supply chain head hunters, we use both our expansive network and passive candidate recruitment to help your company find the perfect candidate and fill open positions quickly.

Our Focus

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is a highly specialized supply chain search firm. We help companies fill a variety of positions from analyst level to executive positions and offer a variety of supply chain recruitment service options. Whether you are looking for retained search, dedicated engagement, contingency, or executive search recruiter services our team can deliver the perfect full- time employee, interim employee or consultant for your company.

What Sets Us Apart

We are able to find vetted candidates quickly for your company because we have one of the most expansive networks of candidates in the country. Not only do we tap into this expansive network to find the right candidate for you, we have also developed a process to reach out to the more passive candidate who is often hidden to the marketplace. These techniques give us an advantage over other recruitment companies allowing us to find you the right person for your open position quicker.

Our Supply Chain Recruitment Process

You have reached out to us which is the first step in finding the best talent for your company! Now that we have been introduced to your company and your needs, you can expect the following actions from our supply chain recruitment team:

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters Recruiting Process

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to match the right candidates with the appropriate positions our clients are trying to fill that we offer an extended guarantee. Also, once our intake discussion takes place with your company, we strive to have a list of vetted professionals sent your way within 7 days. Check out our ethics code to learn more about working with us.

Companies We Have Worked With

Positions We Recruit

We can help your company fill analyst to executive level positions. We recruit top supply chain talent for a variety of positions in the Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, and Distribution Disciplines.

Our Services

Our Services

Recruit top talent using one of our service options. We offer Retained Search and Dedicated Engagement Recruiting Services, Contigency Recruiting, Interim Solutions, and Industrial Staffing Services.

Indusries We serve

Industries We serve

We proudly serve many industries in the supply chain and logistics industry including appliance, computer/software, consumer products, biotechnology, building materials, industrial, medical supplies, grocery, publishing, paper and packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, office equipment, and chemical and metals.

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