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When you run a supply chain company, every position, task and department revolves around the ultimate end goal of providing the client, customer or user with your product or service in a timely, effective and cost-efficient manner. This means a carefully calculated balance of communication, coordination and cooperation between purchasing, planning, inventory and materials, manufacturing, production, transportation, distribution, customer service and other levels of the company within and outside your facility.

To make sure your supply chain operates smoothly, continues to improve and optimizes its processes for the best distribution times, cost forecasts, profits and customer satisfaction, it’s essential that every department functions optimally and efficiently. That means employing a strong team of experienced, qualified professionals. When you have a vacancy in one of your departments, it’s like missing a cog in the supply chain machine — and your company can feel the strain of the empty position as you try to fill it while also covering the responsibilities it entails.

In today’s market, it can be challenging to find qualified candidates with both the right skills and the proper expertise to fill your essential supply chain positions. Instead of handling the drawn-out process of searching for the right candidate to interview and hire yourself — exerting extra time and energy that would be better spent focusing on your company — your business could benefit substantially from the services, expertise and reliability of a supply chain headhunter.

As the party responsible for understanding your position, actively searching for qualified candidates and filling your vacancy quickly, supply chain recruitment agencies simplify your hiring process and provide you with the best talent.

Expert recruiting for supply chain, procurement, distribution, logistics, and transportation

At Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, our team has more than 100 years of experience recruiting serious, accomplished talent in the supply chain and logistics disciplines across the country. Our long list of valued clients includes manufacturers, distributors, retailers and 3PL’s that experience a need for high-quality talent to quickly and efficiently fill critical positions within their organizations. Our team of supply chain recruiters has helped our clients fill their positions by using either dedicated engagement or contingency recruiting services.

Positions We Recruit For

At OptimumSCR, we’re experienced in recruiting the best candidates for a wide range of critical positions within various areas of the supply chain and logistics disciplines. Especially when it comes to higher-level, vital positions, we know how crucial it is to fill your vacancies with the right talent. Here are some of the positions we specialize in filling:

  • Vice Presidents and Senior Positions:As the top of your supply chain, executives, presidents and other senior professionals work to expertly direct all duties and disciplines, overseeing every department, developing executive strategies and integrating plans successfully to ensure the highest degree of functionality and success. While sourcing talent for these essential executive positions, we choose candidates with only the highest level of industry knowledge, work experience and excellent skills.
  • Supply Chain Analysts and Managers: Supply chain analysts and managers are vital to your supply chain. These applicants typically specialize in researching optimum practices, analyzing projections, defining processes, evaluating potential vendors and partners, consulting with vendors and performing other key communication duties across purchasing, product development, marketing, inventory management, distribution and more. We seek out top candidates with strong educations and experience as well as innovation, communication and implementation skills.
  • Procurement Analysts, Managers and Directors: Procurement professionals are responsible for a wide range of financial and analytical aspects across the areas of cost projections, calculations, fiscal analyses and purchasing decisions. In short, these staff members focus on keeping your supply chain on a stable, profitable path. We make sure the professionals we hire for your vacancies possess the educations, implementation skills, experience levels and mathematical and analytical skills required to select suppliers, negotiate and implement contracts, manage costs and materials and optimize delivery times.
  • Production Analysts, Managers and Directors: Focused on managing quality maintenance, materials, inventory, production schedules and practice requirement compliance, production professionals are at the heart of your supply chain. When filling production roles, we look for strong manufacturing experience, six sigma practice implementation and strong time-management, communication and coordination skills.

What We Do

The professionals at our supply chain search firm use action, responsiveness, and knowledge to fill positions in the procurement and supply chain discipline for our clients. The shortage of talent in the supply chain discipline is at a critical stage. The best candidates have many options and can choose between the best opportunities. We work as an extension of your organization, recruiting candidates that have the skills that you want.

We not only have an expansive network of potential supply chain talent for your business, but we also recruit passive candidates. By recruiting both active candidates from our system and passive supply chain candidates, we can help fill your open positions quickly and find a candidate that is a perfect fit for your company.

Dedicated Engagement Recruiting Services

Focused primarily on upper-level positions, our dedicated engagement recruiting services is a retained search hybrid that offers you a personalized experience for finding the candidate perfect for your company. With a dedicated recruiter invested in filling your position, we strive to fully understand and communicate with your company through the recruiting process.

From our discovery phase and white paper development — through which we develop a firm grasp of the exact role and aim of your vacant position — to providing you with weekly reports of qualified candidates, sources and statuses, we collaborate with you every step of the way. Then, we will select, interview and qualify potential candidates for your choosing. Count on your candidates exceeding your expectations and your vacancies being filled expertly and efficiently.

Contingency Recruiting Services

Providing you with the top talent in your discipline and department without asking for an upfront fee, our contingency recruiting services involve working directly with you to start the recruiting process. We will help you develop a position profile and description, create a prospect research strategy, identify and present qualified candidates and assist you in interviewing, assessing references, offering the position and following up after acceptance. We work to understand your company personally and follow through with you until your ideal candidate is placed in the position, which is the only time you’ll pay for our service.

Our Focus

In a discipline that has a shortage of talent, you should work with a recruiting firm that focuses exclusively on your discipline rather than hiring a recruitment company that recruits across a broad band of unrelated disciplines.

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is a highly specialized supply chain search firm. We help companies fill positions from executive level positions to analyst and offer a variety of recruiting service options. Whether you are looking for dedicated engagement or contingency recruiting services, our team can deliver the perfect full-time employee, interim employee or consultant for your company.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to match the right candidates with the appropriate positions our clients are trying to fill that we offer a six-month unconditional guarantee for clients using our dedicated engagement service.

Contact OptimumSCR

Whether you are interested in contingency recruiting, engagement searches or interim personnel, OptimumSCR is the best supply chain recruitment company to identify the best candidates for the positions you want to fill. If you are trying to hire executives and directors in the supply chain and logistics discipline or a support staff like managers or analysts, let us put our expertise, knowledge, and professionalism to work for you. Contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters today.


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