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Expert Supply Chain Recruiting

The professionals at our Supply Chain Search Firm use action, responsiveness, and knowledge to fill positions in the Supply Chain, Procurement, and Logistics disciplines for our clients. The shortage of talent in the supply chain discipline is at a critical stage. The best candidates have many options and can choose between the best opportunities. We work as an extension of your organization, recruiting candidates that have the skills that you want.

We not only have an expensive network of potential supply chain talent for your business, but we also recruit passive candidates. By utilizing both active candidates from our system and recruiting passive supply chain candidates, we can help fill your open positions quickly and find a candidate that is a perfect fit for your company.

Our Focus

In a discipline that has a shortage of talent, you should work with a recruiting firm that focuses exclusively on your discipline rather than hiring a recruitment company that recruits across a broad band of unrelated disciplines.

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is a highly specialized supply chain search firm. We help companies fill positions from analyst to executive level positions and offer a variety of recruiting service options. Whether you are looking for retained search, dedicated engagement , or contingency recruiting services, our team can deliver the perfect full-time employee, interim employee or consultant for your company.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to match the right candidates with the appropriate positions our clients are trying to fill that we offer a six-month guarantee for clients using our dedicated engagement services and a full one year guarantee for those utilizing our retained search services

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Our Services

Contingency Recruiting

Providing you with the top talent in your discipline and department without asking for an upfront fee, our contingency recruiting services involve working directly with you to start the recruiting process.

Retained Search and Dedicated Engagement

Retained Search and Dedicated Engagement

Our Retained Search and Dedicated Engagement Services handles assignments typically focused at the C Level, Vice President, Director and Senior Management levels across the supply chain and logistics field.

Interim Solutions

Interim Solutions

At some point, almost every company finds itself in need of interim management personnel. Illness, vacation, military leave, business spikes, seasonality, headcount management, technology implementation, demand for temporary executive leadership.

Industrial Staffing

Industrial Staffing

At Paramount Staffing, a joint alliance with Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, we are committed to providing quality staff locally or across the country. Our approach to selecting, training, and managing staff is second to none, ensuring top productivity and financial results for clients nationwide.

Positions We Recruit

Supply Chain Executive Recruiter

The job market and talent pool is a specialized arena today, and finding a new staff member to fill an important position in the Supply Chain discipline can be especially difficult when specialized talent is rare and company-specific. In addition to the challenge and time consumption of advertising, interviewing and attempting to select a qualified candidate, an unfilled top-tier position can place stress on your company and keep it from operating as it needs to.

Logistics Recruiters

Working in the supply chain and logistics discipline means balancing the coordination, communication and execution of plans to optimize the process efficiency of producing, transporting and delivering your product or service to your customers in a satisfying, timely and cost-efficient manner. To make the process of production, distribution, transportation and delivery as the end goal possible, it’s essential to communicate with suppliers, forecast costs, create budgets and purchasing plans and secure the inventory necessary for producing the product.

Procurement Recruiters

Fill your open procurement position with the help of Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters. Whether you are looking for a strategic sourcing manager or a Vice President of procurement our team has the expertise to help you fill your open position quickly. Learn more about our retained search and dedicated engagement procurement recruiting services today!

Shipping & Distribution Recruiters

We are executive recruiters for distribution who specialize in all aspects of warehousing and distribution recruiting and placement—we fill positions at all levels, across all industries, with qualified candidates so you have the right talent in the right position at the right time.

Industries We Serve

Regardless of the industry your business is in, you can take advantage of our highly specialized recruiting services to find the top talent you need for your company’s available Executive, Management or Support positions. We proudly serve many industries in the supply chain and logistics industry including:

When we recruit for the supply chain and logistics discipline, we don’t rely on active job seekers exclusively. We also reach out to passive candidates and explain how an available position within your organization might be the right fit for them. We pre-screen the talent we find to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and experience to step into an executive position in your company. We also make sure our candidates have the personality to thrive in your corporate culture.

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