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Are you looking to  advance your career as a supply chain professional? You’ve come to the right place. At Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, we’re exclusive nationwide recruiters for the supply chain and logistics discipline. Our specialized experience and expertise can help you find the ideal position quickly.

Individuals seeking supply chain positions have a distinct advantage — more positions are available than there are talented people to fill them. We can ensure you find the right match based on your skills, qualifications and career objectives while saving valuable time by narrowing your choices to the companies that matter.

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Start by Preparing Your Resume

Whether you’re interested in entry-level, advanced or executive supply chain positions, your resume is a crucial tool for capturing the attention of hiring organizations. Highlighting your best attributes and making your qualifications stand out from other candidates is vital.

While OptimumSCR doesn’t offer resume writing services, we know what companies are looking for in supply chain candidates. A well-written resume contains these core elements:

Start by creating a brief profile listing your most prominent, position-specific skills and qualifications. This short paragraph (no more than 3-5 sentences) tells hiring companies who you are and what you do best succinctly.

This resume section provides a more general overview of your skills and proficiencies and how you’ve applied them to specific job functions. It typically consists of a bulleted list that recruiters and hiring managers can peruse quickly and gain more insight into your capabilities.

Use this portion to list your most relevant work experience in reverse chronological order. Items to list in this section include:

  • Job title/position
  • Company name
  • Brief description of job duties/responsibilities
  • Notable achievements
  • Beginning and ending employment dates

Use actionable language such as lots of verbs to make a more favorable impression by amplifying your skills and qualifications.

The education summary should be the bottom section of your resume unless you’ve earned an advanced or function-specific degree. In that case, consider moving it closer to the top.

Begin by listing your most recent degree, the names of the schools and the dates you attended (including the graduation or expected graduation date). Include the specific field of study and your grade point average if it’s 3.5 or higher.

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