Our Recruiting Services

Our supply chain services help you find supply chain executives at any position level.

Is your company looking to find a highly qualified supply chain, logistics, purchasing or distribution executive to fill a position? We are recruiting experts that can help you find supply chain executives for your company. With over 30 years of experience, we have helped a variety of companies hire supply chain executives in a variety of industries who are highly skilled and perfect for their company culture.

We not only help companies find supply chain candidates, but we also offer a large selection of other services to help make the experience of finding the right candidate for your company easier. Click on the service or services that interest you most below to find out more about how we can help your company hire qualified supply chain candidates, and contact us today for more information..

  • Contingency Recruiting
  • Our contingency recruitment services enable us to partner with our clients to locate the best candidates for their open positions.

    This comprehensive process begins by developing a profile to help us gain a better understanding of your business, the position and the attributes of the ideal candidates. We'll then collaborate with you to create a targeted research strategy to identify talented individuals who would be an excellent fit for your company.

    We'll present the candidates to you and assist in the interviews. We help prepare our clients and the interviewees to optimize the process for both parties. We also assist with assessing references, guiding the offer and acceptance process and following up until the candidate joins your organization.

  • Dedicated Engagement
  • We've designed our dedicated engagement recruiting services to help companies fill open senior manager to director-level positions. This hybrid process gives our clients many of the benefits offered by contingency and retained searches. We implement an easily repeatable multistep methodology, ranging from conducting a needs analysis to negotiating the offer.

    Our dedicated engagement services come with an unconditional six-month guarantee for your protection and peace of mind. If we're unable to fill your open position, we'll hold your fee in escrow to enable you to apply it to future searches.

  • Retained Search
  • A retained search typically applies to positions at the director level and above. We'll work closely with you to identify the skills, experiences and character traits required to fill essential leadership roles in your organization.

    Our comprehensive 10-step process starts with conducting a thorough needs analysis and covers various interim steps, such as candidate sourcing, screening, evaluation and presentation. We'll also assist with interviewing, negotiating the offer and performing reference checks.

    We charge a one-time engagement fee for our retained search recruiting services, which we deduct from your final cost. You also get our six-month unconditional guarantee.

  • Interim Solutions and Consulting

Illness, military leave and other situations can create a temporary need for talented executive leadership. We can fill the void by helping you find a short-term executive, manager or consultant ready to step in and quickly become a productive team member.

Our extensive network enables us to avoid lengthy and costly delays when filling open positions. We can typically complete the entire process in 3-5 days.

Our services also allow you to control project management costs by using temporary executives during implementation. You can also try out candidates when seeking to hire an individual permanently.

Our Hiring Process

Our Supply Chain Hiring Process

If you are looking to hire at the director level or above, we recommend our retained search services.