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Retained Services

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Retained Supply Chain Search Services

OSCR is one of the nation’s top retained supply chain search firms. Our supply chain recruiters have 100 years of experience sourcing top Supply Chain and Procurement talent for our clients across practically every industry.

A retained search is typically needed when a company has Director level and above openings. At this level of leadership within an organization it is imperative that the client company and search firm work together in a partnership to identify the key skill sets, background, experiences and cultural traits required to make a new leader within the organization not just a great fit, but a new rising star.

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For every retained search we accept, we conduct the following:

Retained searches represent a commitment from both sides that the search is critical to the organization and both the client company and search firm will work in unity to find, identify, and recruit the best candidate for the role.OSCR has a 10-step repeatable process that we use for every retained search to ensure our client’s success.

In-depth Intake Call

Needs Analysis

Market Research

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Screening

Competency Evaluation

Candidate Presentation

Client Interviews

Reference Checks

Offer Negotiation

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The differences between using OCSR’s retained services compared to other larger search firms are:

  • Discounted fee
  • 6 month guarantee
  • 100% fill rate* (*5 year period)
  • We will produce vetted candidates in 7-10 days
  • Director, VP and C Suite Searches
  • Retained engagement fees will not exceed $10K (and deducted from final fee)
  • Team includes Research Analyst, dedicated Senior Recruiter and a Managing Partner
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