Dedicated Engagement

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Our Dedicated Engagement Division handles assignments typically focused at the C Level, Vice President, Director and Senior Management levels  across the supply chain and logistics field. We provide a level of service equal to any large retained search organizations at a much better value proposition.

We didn’t become one of the nation’s top retained supply chain search firms by accident. Instead, we’ve evolved into one of the country’s top retained search firms for the supply chain discipline by being highly specialized experts in our field. Together, the team at Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters has more than 100 years of experience as recruiters in the logistics discipline.

Our Focus

Our Dedicated Engagement Division is typical of our team in that the division shares our organization-wide commitment to being the best supply chain retained recruiters anywhere. We find talent for organizations in the supply chain discipline and logistics discliple exclusively.

This focus is what has enabled us to compile a large network of supply chain talent. It’s also what has enabled us to identify passive candidates who are a fit for the positions we’re recruiting for. We’ve been recruiting for the supply chain discipline for so long, we know where the most suitable candidates are regardless of whether they’re looking for a new position or they’re currently out of the job market.

When you choose us as your supply chain management engaged recruiters, we’ll use our dedicated focus to identify the candidates who are the most likely to succeed at your company. When you choose OptimumSCR, you’re not choosing a recruiting firm. You’re gaining a partner who is dedicated to filling your vacant C-level, vice president and director positions quickly and efficiently.

What We Look For

We know people who are successful in the supply chain discipline typically have certain traits. They’re leaders who have years of experience in their field. They’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years, and they’re able to tap that knowledge to get things done. They’re also creative enough to see problems in a different light and develop practical solutions to them.

While top talent in the supply chain discipline often share the characteristics just mentioned, it doesn’t mean someone who has all these traits will necessarily succeed at your company. Even candidates who look great on paper need more than the skills that are necessary to execute the responsibilities associated with your vacant position. They also have to have values that align with those of your company.

Even though someone’s qualifications are an important factor when we’re looking for a candidate, their values and personality are just as important. We don’t want to hire just anyone for your company, after all. We want to find the best candidate for your available position. By looking at more than a person’s resume, we can make sure a candidate is a fit for your company in more ways than one.

Because we’re so committed to helping our clients find the best talent, our dedicated engagment supply chain search firm has developed a consultative approach to recruiting. Once you’re familiar with our unique approach, you’ll see that our Dedicated Engagement Division will truly act as your partner to fill your company’s vacant vice president, director and C-level positions.

Our Consultative Approach to Recruiting

To begin, we communicate with each member of your hiring team to ensure that we thoroughly understand the assignment through your eyes. This discovery meeting gives us a deeper understanding of the personality of your organization and your needs. It also gives us a barometer by which to assess potential candidates.

During this discovery phase, we share pertinent information relating to target companies and industries which we and you agree will lead to successful hires.

Next, we develop a white paper for you that illustrates our understanding of the position. This paper is designed to ensure that you and our retained search team are truly aligned as to the direction and execution of the search. We work with you collaboratively to fine-tune the document and incorporate any changes or modifications to accurately reflect your objectives.

Within three days of your acceptance of the final search process white paper, we provide you with a list of target companies and industries for approval. Here again, we review this list with you, and make any modifications or additions.

Once the search is underway, we furnish you with weekly reports detailing the list of candidates and sources, and their status. For those candidates we interview personally, we provide you with a dossier of their employment and salary history, job skills and qualifications, and an analysis of their strengths in relation to your position.

Within a short time, we will identify motivated candidates, do an in depth vetting process and with your permission, meet with them in person to qualify them for your position. We will share evaluation of each candidate after their interview.

If this sounds like just what you need for your business, Contact Us Today and speak with our Dedicated Engagement Division.