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Looking for top quality candidates to fill a crucial position in supply chain, logistics, purchasing, distribution or another discipline in your supply chain company? When your departments suffer from a vital vacancy, keeping your company running to your required standards while searching for the talent you need can be challenging. Rather than wasting extra time, money and efforts on your recruiting endeavors, let professional San Diego supply chain recruiters fill your positions with the best candidates possible.

As an expert San Diego supply chain recruiter, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters operates with an intimate knowledge of the supply chain discipline and an extensive background in sourcing top talent for supply chain companies like yours. Offering recruiting services across departments and positions, we work to find the most skilled, motivated professionals to meet your qualifications and match your needs.

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No matter the nature of your vacancy, we’ll identify the ideal candidate with the education, experience, background and skills you’re searching for. The disciplines we specialize in recruiting for include:

1. Supply Chain Recruiting Services

Responsible for managing production and coordinating the process of providing products to the customer or user, the supply chain department focuses on communicating inventory and supply goals, implementing system requirements, managing communications with partners and vendors, coordinating interdepartmental quality checks and paying attention to manufacturing and distribution.

To keep your company operating efficiently with the help of this crucial department, we source candidates with strong skills in organization, analysis, communication and time-management, as well as the proper education and field experience. Trust us as the best supply chain recruiters in San Diego.

2. Procurement Recruiting Services

With a focus on overseeing inventory, materials and production while implementing proper procedures for financial forecasting, purchasing record analysis and vendor communication, the procurement department ensures your supply chain company operates successfully on an economic and logistical level. As an expert procurement recruiter in San Diego, we fill your purchasing vacancies quickly and effectively, sourcing candidates with the highest communication, organizational, analytical and time-management skills.

3. Logistics Recruiting Services

The logistics department is essential to the operations of facilities, customer service, transportation, distribution and planning. It focuses on effectively predicting, planning and executing the processes essential to delivering your products to your customers. As top logistics recruiters in San Diego, we understand how vital this department is to your supply process and company success, so we search for the strongest skills and industry knowledge in logistics candidates — from analytics, attention to detail and problem-solving to highly developed background experience.

4. Distribution Recruiting Services

Ensuring proper execution of product shipment and delivery by working with production, materials and transportation, the distribution department communicates across disciplines and covers the vital goal of product-to-customer success. Nothing is more critical than your company’s ultimate end goal, so keeping qualified professionals running your distribution department determines the success of your supply chain. OptimumSCR assures you we’ll source only the most qualified and skilled individuals to keep your distribution department and company running smoothly.

5. Supply Chain Executive Recruiting Services</h4>

When it comes to top-tier supply chain positions like president and vice-president, only top-tier candidates can fill vacancies with command and expertise. We look for impeccable skills and the highest level of qualifications in candidates suitable for managing company needs, overseeing all operations and implementing executive strategies. Count on your executive candidates possessing the strongest communication skills, leadership abilities, analytical skills and background experience.

San Diego Logistics and Supply Chain Recruiting Services

As qualified professionals with an extensive background in recruiting for supply chain and logistics companies, we make it our mission to fill your vacancies with the most motivated, talented candidates to meet your company’s needs. Choose from our unique Contingency Recruiting and Dedicated Engagement services today.

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