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We are committed to recruiting exclusively for the supply chain, logistics, and distribution disciplines.

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Nationwide recruiting for all Supply Chain and Logistics positions.
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Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters represents 30 years of experience as a result of the mergers of the owners of LogiPros, Logistics Horizons, and Hunt Ltd. We provide quality-assured recruiting strategies and services across the entire supply chain and logistics discipline. We are a specialized recruiting organization; combined, our team has well over 100 years of supply chain, logistics, and recruiting experience. As a top supply chain executive search firm,  it is with this knowledge we are able to assist our clients – who include leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers and third-party logistics service providers (3PL’s) in identifying and delivering the best-qualified individuals to fill their particular personnel requirements.

Why We Are A Top Supply Chain Search Firm

At Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, we understand that the success of your company, division or department is determined by the quality of the staff. However, the best supply chain talent isn’t typically found through job sites or postings. Instead, it is industry-expert recruiting which consistently delivers the quality of people you need to build the best team. Recruiting does so by enabling you to select from the best – not just from those pursuing career changes. Because we are a qualified supply chain executive search firm,  We receive hundreds of resumes each month from highly-skilled supply chain candidates. 

Once we receive a resume, we help our supply chain clients find the best candidate for their positions. We receive a variety of different resumes from individuals with different skills, backgrounds, and experiences. These differences help us match you up with the most qualified candidate for your specific position and company needs. Hire a supply chain executive search term to help your company find the right candidate, contact us today!

We have offices in NJ, Chicago, Dallas, Kentucky and Indiana and are exclusively committed to the supply chain, distribution, and logistics field.


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