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How to Handle Counteroffers

How to Handle Counteroffers

After an extensive search, you’ve found a candidate who is a good fit for the role. You’ve extended the offer letter to them and have been waiting for their response. When they get back to you, they let you know they’ve received a counteroffer from their current employer. They may also present their own counteroffer to you based on their needs and wants.

When a candidate provides you with a counteroffer, you can reject the offer and let the candidate walk away, or you can adjust your initial offer based on it. Here’s how to counter a job offer and respond to candidates.

Types of Counteroffers

Counteroffers from candidates can take several forms. The candidate might request one or more of the following:

  • Higher salary
  • Better benefits
  • Flexible work schedule
  • More time off
  • A different title
  • Remote work options

In some cases, the counteroffer will come directly from the candidate themselves. In others, the candidate might have received another offer, either from their current employer or another company that wants to recruit them.

Option 1: Decline the Counteroffer

You have the right to reject the candidate’s counteroffer. There are several instances when it makes sense to turn down a candidate or refuse to negotiate with them.

For example, a candidate might present a counteroffer to you that is out of your budget or not feasible for your company. It’s not uncommon for candidates to request more money with a counteroffer. Their requested salary might be considerably higher than your company can pay. Another potential scenario is the candidate wanting to work remotely while the position requires their presence on-site.

If you decide to reject the counteroffer without negotiating, you’ll need to start the search process over again.

Option 2: Negotiate With the Candidate

The second option is to negotiate with candidates who present counteroffers to you. If the candidate’s requests aren’t excessive, negotiating with them or accepting their counteroffer outright may be the simplest option. It allows both parties to win. The candidate gets the salary or benefits they want, and your company gets to hire its first-pick candidate.

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