Executive Search

If you’re looking for a supply chain candidate to step into an executive role at your company, it only makes sense for you to work with a highly specialized supply chain executive search firm. When you choose us as your supply chain executive recruiters, you’re choosing a specialized team with more than 100 years of combined experience working as executive recruiters for the supply chain discipline.

What Makes Us The Best Supply Chain Executive Recruiters

Being executive recruiters for the supply chain and logistics discipline for as long as we have been, we’ve developed an extensive network of talent that has worked in the supply chain discipline for years. Our network includes proven professionals who have established themselves as leaders in the supply chain discipline. These leaders are the ones you want to fill your executive positions.

We’re a leading supply chain executive search firm because we know executives who are successful in the supply chain discipline often share some sought-after characteristics. These traits include a vast knowledge base, years of experience in the supply chain discipline, creativity that yields practical results and a proven ability to execute. We know successful executives normally have these characteristics, and we also know where to find the ones who do.

We recruit nationally but also understand the importance of local recruiting. We will work with you to find the perfect candidate in your area.

Passive Candidates

While we rely on our network of talent, it’s not the only way we find candidates to fill your executive positions. We also recruit passive candidates when we’re trying to fill an executive level positon. If we know someone is an ideal candidate for a position within your organization but the person already has a job, we’ll still approach the individual about the opportunity that exists at your company.

Sometimes, the best candidates aren’t actively looking for a new position, and when you choose Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters as your supply chain executive search firm, that’s OK. We know how to get in touch with the passive candidates who are best prepared to assume a leadership role within your organization.

We also vet candidates to help ensure that they are not only a match on paper but also a match for your company’s culture.

Our Consultative Approach

At OptimumSCR, we use a unique consultative approach to attract the right talent for our valued clients. We use action, knowledge and talent to fill executive positions in the supply chain and logistics discipline. We work with you to fill your company’s executive positions quickly and efficiently.

We offer both dedicated engagement services as well as contingency recruiting services. We’re so confident in our ability to fill your organization’s vacant positions that we guarantee the placement. If you hire a candidate using our dedicated recruiting services and the person leaves within six months of joining your team, we’ll replace the individual at no cost to you.

Contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters

If you’re trying to fill an executive position at our company, there’s no reason for you to do so alone when you can partner with the highly-specialized experts at our supply chain executive search firm. Call us at 800-300-7609 to learn more about our executive level recruiting services now.