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Supply Chain Recruiters Chicago

Chicago supply chain recruiters.

Looking for Supply Chain Recruiters in Chicago?

If you’re looking for supply chain recruiting experts in Chicago, look for recruiters who specifically focus only on supply chain and logistics recruitment. This area of business is not like any other.

Filling positions for supply chain professionals is not the same as filling temp or administrative positions or general contractor and labor vacancies. By focusing on logistics and supply chain recruiters in the Chicago area can focus their energies on finding the best supply chain professionals with the specific skills needed.

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How Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters Can Help Your Chicago Organization Find Supply Chain Talent

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters has been working in the supply chain recruitment sector for more than 30 years. Our team has the recruiting experience to find you top talent. We’re here to listen to your needs, take you through the initial placement and through all stages of the process. Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters actively recruits and seeks out professionals for supply chain positions.

We have one of the most expansive networks of supply chain candidates out of any executive search firm in Chicago. We speak with college graduates, employers, leaders in the field and others who can help us identify the best possible talent for you.

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters can help you tap into the hidden candidate sector. Many employees talk about the “hidden” job market or those jobs that are never advertised but still need to be filled. Similarly, there is an untapped source of candidates who may not be actively seeking work or may not be known to potential employers, but still have the professional skills and talents you need.

OptimumSCR has the contacts to tap into this passive candidate market in order to identify those candidates who may not be actively seeking a job, but who may be a perfect fit for your vacancy. Contact us today to find out how we can match you with a broader pool of exceptional talent.

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters also has three supply chain recruitment divisions to meet your specific needs. These include:

  • The Dedicated Engagement Division for senior and C-level positions. When conducting an executive search, this division should be used as it carefully searches through the possible professionals in Chicago and beyond to find the right match for you.
  • The Contingency Recruiting Division for management vacancies. The process of contingency search involves careful analysis of your needs, comprehensive due diligence, interview support and support for every step of the way, until your acceptance of a candidate. OptimumSCR even offers follow-up services to ensure you are thrilled with your new team members.
  • The Interim Division for specialized recruitment. This division handles special project needs and alternative recruitment models, as well as recruitment needed to fill positions left vacant by illness, leaves, military duty and other circumstances. Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters takes the same care in finding interim workers as we do in finding full-time permanent employees, ensuring your interim team is poised to fully support your success.

Why Make Us Your Recruitment Agency in Chicago?

There are numerous benefits of choosing OptimumSCR from the other Chicago recruiters.

Although we have a strong presence in the Chicago market, OptimumSCR is a national recruiting firm with extensive contacts across the United States. If the ideal supply chain candidates for your position aren’t available locally, we can expand our search and dip into our broad talent pool.

We are a partner in your quest to find the right candidate for your supply chain position. This process is unique from most of the other supply chain recruiters in Chicago. Our goal is to help you resolve your company’s most daunting hiring challenges by locating talented candidates that deliver maximum results.

We recognize that not every opening requires the services of headhunters in Chicago. We can remove the burden from your human resources department by spearheading the search for key executives and management personnel. We can save valuable time by finding qualified applicants quickly, expediting the vetting and hiring process.

A unique feature of the supply chain hiring process is that there are often far more open positions than qualified candidates. With our advanced hiring approach relying on a blend of expertise, knowledge, and professionalism, we can help your company stand out from your competitors. You’ll increase the odds of landing the right person for the role.

Do you need to fill a supply chain opening quickly? We reduce the wait time with an extensive candidate pool, our supply chain expertise and a reliable process. In many cases, we deliver talented individuals for your review within a few business days.

We recognize that hiring is a crucial decision for your business. When you choose our supply chain recruitment agency, you can move forward with complete confidence. We back our services with a guarantee ranging from 30 days to six months, depending on the position. If a candidate we recommend doesn’t work out, we’ll find a replacement at no extra cost for your company.

To ensure the candidates for your position receive a thorough vetting, we can check the references of everyone we represent with no additional fees.

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