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Filling supply chain executive positions and management positions in New Jersey is about a lot more than just finding workers. Supply chain personnel can ensure on-time deliveries and greater efficiency, affecting not only your bottom line but also the reputation of your company. Hiring the right workers means hiring visionaries, workers with technical expertise, great communicators and enthusiastic team members.

It doesn’t have to be a tall order.

Working with supply chain recruiters in New Jersey ensures you get the contacts, networking services and related recruitment services you need to find exceptional talent. If you’re looking for supply chain or logistics recruiters in New Jersey, contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters today.

OptimumSCR has more than 30 years of experience in supply chain and logistics recruitment and has an extensive list of contacts in the field. No matter what kind of talent you need, our team members can work with you to help find the perfect fit for your vacancies.


Working With Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters in New Jersey

Logistics recruiters in New Jersey need to be able to understand the local job market and local employment needs, and Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters fits the bill. Our team understands the talent and the employment market is unique to New Jersey, and we can work with that in order to bring you the most talented staff possible.

If you need to recruit internationally or across the country to fill your specific needs, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters has the international network you need to help find qualified workers for you — no matter where the workers are right now.

OptimumSCR has three divisions to meet your recruitment needs in New Jersey:

  • The Dedicated Engagement Division. This division typically handles C suite, senior positions. The team completes a thorough inventory of your needs and prepares a white paper so there is absolute clarity about your needs. We’ll update you weekly about the search and quickly connect you with talented executives who are selected based on your needs.
  • The Contingency Recruiting Division. This process allows Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters to carefully research your needs, locate the appropriate talent and go through the entire interview, reference verification, acceptance and follow-up processes so you enjoy full support every step of the way. We can save you time and ensure due diligence occurs every step of the way.
  • The Interim Management Division. When you need recruitment for a special project or to replace employees who are ill or on leave, this division can help find the specialized professionals you need. Whatever your unique or temporary talent needs might be, our personalized approach ensures you get the results-driven solutions you deserve.
Contact OptimumSCR today to discover how we can help you. Our focus on supply chain recruitment, our

contacts and our very thorough recruitment process all help to ensure you stay in the driver’s seat while saving time and effort and being put in contact with the very best talent for your needs.

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