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How to Research the Company You’re Applying To

How to Research the Company You’re Applying To

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When you go to an interview, you expect the interviewers to ask you a lot of questions about yourself and your background based on the resume you have submitted. But they aren’t the only ones expected to do homework beforehand.

You should enter your job interview prepared with background on your potential employer. As an applicant, you want to appear prepared. You also want to ask smart and relevant questions to get the answers you need to make a decision. Remember, the interview isn’t just about the company deciding if it should hire you — you also get to decide if you want to work for that company. Use these tips on how to research a company for an interview to walk in well-prepared and informed.

How to Research Companies to Work For: Getting Started

Your first step is to visit the company’s website. You should look at:

  • The About page: This will give you an overview of the business, its philosophies and the background of its founding
  • The Careers page: Check out what positions are open and what types of jobs they have available
  • The Biographies page: Read about the people in charge of the company and get a feel for what kinds of backgrounds and extracurricular activities the employer gravitates toward

From these pages, you should be able to draw conclusions that will assist you during the interview. Make notes for yourself on the company’s values and how it stands apart from its competitors, then think about how you can address these things during your interview. For example, if a company touts its commitment to giving back to the community, you might consider mentioning your weekly volunteer time at a local food bank to help make a connection.

You should also note other pertinent information, such as whether the business has a parent company, how long it has been running and how stable the management team is. Think of some related questions to ask during the interview to show that you have done your homework and respect the interviewer’s time.

Read Media Coverage of the Company

Even the smallest companies generate press coverage. Run a Google News search of the company name and read up on everything that has been written about the business, its founders and its mission. Make notes to follow up on anything you find interesting, or perhaps troubling, during the interview.

For example, say you read a story that details the company’s lax commitment to environmental standards, but the article is three years old. The business may have changed its policies since the report came out and now boasts an exemplary environmental record. Ask questions about the issue to learn more, but do not make accusations or judgments. All companies have problems, and good ones take action to address such concerns. If you see evidence of improvement, that is encouraging for your potential professional development too.

What to Know About a Company Before a Job Interview

A job interview offers the opportunity for you to get more information about anything you admire or feel uncertain about related to the company. Investigate these other background pieces to get ready for the interview:

  • Social media accounts: The way a company treats its customers tells you a lot about its values. Look over the business’s social media accounts. Do customers seek out the company for praise? Does the company answer customer questions quickly? Does it make excuses when a customer raises complaints, or does it productively address the criticisms?
  • Competition: Find out the names of the company’s main competitors and educate yourself about them as well. Has the company been in any disputes with its rivals? What sets it apart from competitors? What does it do better than others in the industry?
  • YouTube channel: Watch any videos the company has on its channel. Also note how up to date it is, which tells you about company priorities.

Final Preparations Before the Interview

Knowledge is power, and entering an interview with the right information will set you apart from other candidates. When you walk into the interview, you should be able to answer these questions:

  • What is the company’s mission?
  • What products and services does it provide?
  • Who is the chief executive officer?
  • How many locations does the company have?
  • Why do customers choose this company?

Finally, before your interview, scan the LinkedIn account of the person you will be meeting. You may note that you went to the same college or once lived in the same small town, giving you an icebreaker that shows you did your homework.

Researching companies for jobs puts you in a knowledgeable position for the interview and shows the potential employer your spark and initiative. If you need assistance securing interviews, submit a resume to Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters to get started.

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