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How to Get Extra Value From Your Supply Chain Recruiter

How to Get Extra Value From Your Supply Chain Recruiter

If you work in human resources in the supply chain and logistics discipline, you likely know how difficult hiring qualified candidates can be. Recruiting in this discipline isn’t like hiring in other fields. The number of available jobs is greater than the number of qualified candidates who have the talent to fill them.

Given the disparity between open positions and qualified talent in the supply chain and logistics discipline, it’s vital to work with a recruiting specialist.

The Value of a Supply Chain Recruiter

Why should a company hire a supply chain recruiter? When you hire the right recruiting specialist, you gain a partner who will labor tirelessly to source talent for your organization. Your recruiter will use their network to identify and prescreen candidates to ensure you only meet with top talent, ready to fill your open position.

Getting More out of Your Relationship With a Recruiter

Since your supply chain recruiter will act as your partner, it’s important to make sure you are compatible. Talk to the recruiter’s former or current clients and ask about their communication style and responsiveness. This will help ensure you and your recruiter work well together, and you’ll position yourself to get more out of the relationship.

Our top tips for getting additional value from your supply chain and logistics recruiter are:

  • Be transparent: Be forthright in all interactions with your recruiter. Giving your recruiter all the information they need upfront and throughout the recruiting process builds trust, which is a crucial part of every successful working relationship.
  • Communicate regularly: To build an effective relationship, communicate with your recruiter on a regular basis. Establish a dialogue and provide feedback regarding the candidates you meet.
  • Stay patient: While you want to maintain regular communication with your recruiter, remain patient. Many recruiters spend most of their days on the phone, so your recruiter is likely hard at work filling your available positions.

Partner With Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters

As a nationwide specialist in recruiting for the supply chain and logistics discipline, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters delivers extra value at every touchpoint. With a consultative approach to recruiting and an established network of both active and passive candidates, we are the specialists you can trust to fill your vacant positions.

Contact OptimumSCR to schedule a consultation now or call us at 800-300-7609!

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