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Unique Ways to Find Supply Chain Talent

Unique Ways to Find Supply Chain Talent

Recruiting in the supply chain and logistics disciplines is different from trying to find talent in many other verticals. Whereas the number of available candidates may exceed the number of vacant positions in other disciplines, that’s not the case in the supply chain discipline. In the logistics discipline, there is a shortage of talent compared to the number of available positions. Given this disparity, it can be a significant challenge to find supply chain candidates to fill higher-level positions.

Just because it can prove difficult to find supply chain talent, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. Instead, it means you may need to think of some unique ways to find supply chain talent to fill critical roles within your organization.

How to Find Supply Chain Talent: Innovative Tactics That Can Produce Results

While the logistics discipline differs from most in that candidates are in short supply compared to vacant positions, the discipline shares the goal of finding the best talent for the right position. With that objective in mind, you need to employ some innovative recruiting tactics that can produce the results you’re hoping to achieve.

Join Supply Chain Associations and Participate in Events

Although joining supply chain and logistics associations may not seem like an original idea, taking the time to actually participate in an association’s events often is. When you join an organization such as the Association for Supply Chain Management or the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, you’ll have the chance to attend local meetings and large-scale conferences that attract attendees from locations across the nation or world.

You should attend as many association events as possible, including local chapter meetings, to find supply chain and logistics talent. These events are great for networking and identifying candidates who may suit your immediate or future needs. You can expand your network even further by using an association’s membership directory to establish relationships with professionals working in the supply chain and logistics disciplines.

Create an Internal Referral Program

While joining associations and participating in their events is a great way to meet professionals in the supply chain discipline, you can do something else to attract talent — start an internal referral program. A referral program should offer rewards to your current staff for referring talent to you.

The key to establishing a productive referral program is ensuring the rewards are attractive to your staff. Take an informal poll to identify rewards that will motivate your staff to send referrals your way. You might be surprised to learn your staff values time off or something else besides cash incentives.

Setting up a system to track the referrals you receive and their sources is also necessary for a successful program. Having the members of the C-suite openly support your referral program may also increase its effectiveness.

Hire Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters

Although hiring a recruiting firm to fill your vacant positions may not seem like a novel idea, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters offers a unique way to find supply chain talent. The consultative approach we use when working with clients sets us apart from others. We specialize in recruiting for the supply chain and logistics disciplines exclusively, and we offer several types of services to fill positions and attract talent.

Like you, we value expertise, knowledge and professionalism. We are nationwide specialists. Contact OptimumSCR to learn more today!

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