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Tips to Expand Your Supply Chain Network

Tips to Expand Your Supply Chain Network

Anyone in the supply chain and logistics disciplines is wise to grow their supply chain network. When you’re in a discipline where the number of vacant positions greatly exceeds the number of candidates, it’s impossible to have too many connections. That’s especially true if you’re responsible for attracting talent to fill those available positions.

If you want to expand your supply chain network, you can do a few simple things to be successful. No matter which avenue or tactics you use to grow your logistics network, the key is constantly doing something to increase the number of people you know in the supply chain and logistics disciplines.

The first thing you need to do to expand the size of your circle of contacts is decide how you plan to increase your network. If you don’t know what options are available, we have some actionable ideas.

Join Associations

You may want to start with joining a few associations to grow your supply chain candidate pool. There are some organizations affiliated with your discipline to consider, such as the Association for Supply Chain Management or the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Associations like these host local chapter meetings and larger national and global conferences where you can meet others working in your discipline. These organizations also have membership directories you can use to expand your supply chain candidate pool even more.

Don’t limit your choice of associations to those specifically affiliated with your discipline, or you might miss out on opportunities to meet candidates who may thrive. You may also miss chances to tap those candidates and others for referrals. Public speaking associations such as Toastmasters and groups that promote diversity in the workforce are examples of the other associations outside the logistics discipline you may want to consider.

Establish Relationships With Students

Today’s students are tomorrow’s executives. While it may not help in the short-term, establishing relationships with students taking supply chain courses at colleges and universities can help ensure a steady supply of future professionals in your pipeline. Attending career days and forming bonds with the appropriate professors and career placement advisors can help you identify students with promising futures.

You may even want to take things one step further and attend career days at high schools. During these events, you can explain why students may want to pursue a degree in the supply chain or logistics disciplines and offer to serve as a resource they’re always invited to tap for information.


Volunteering is a great way to expand your supply chain network. You can volunteer at an association event or lend a hand at a soup kitchen, pet adoption event or fundraiser. People at all stages of their careers and across disciplines volunteer at many kinds of events throughout the country. Even if you don’t encounter people in your discipline, you may still meet professionals who have valuable connections.

Contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters

No matter how big your supply chain and logistics networks might be, you may still struggle to find talent and fill vacant positions within your organization. When that happens, help is just a phone call away.

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters specializes in recruiting for the supply chain and logistics disciplines exclusively, enabling us to fill available positions quickly and efficiently. With decades of combined experience, we have an extensive network that includes both active and passive candidates. Contact us to learn about our unique consultative approach to recruiting in the supply chain and logistics disciplines now.

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