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Supply Chain Roles & Responsibilities

Supply chain roles

Supply chain operations have positions in 3 main tiers:

  1. Executives
  2. Directors
  3. Managers

Positions in these three tiers must coordinate and communicate to ensure that the entire supply chain runs smoothly and efficiently. Each position has unique responsibilities and expectations, which we’ll discuss these 3 positions in more detail below.

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Supply Chain Executive Roles and Responsibilities

Executive roles are the top tier of the supply chain. Their primary responsibilities and roles are bigger picture types of responsibilities and goals. These are some of the supply chain roles and responsibilities for those at the executive level:

  • Hiring: Executives are not at the forefront of hiring, but they are often involved in vetting and considering new managers and directors.
  • Cost Reduction: In this role, you will analyze costs across many different areas of the supply chain to find ways to reduce costs. Renegotiating partnerships and other executive-level relationships is also part of this responsibility.
  • Risk Management: Analyzing operations to find ways to reduce risk is an important role of the supply chain executive. Failing to identify risks can seriously damage the company.
  • Regulations: Following governmental regulations and setting benchmarks for the company itself often go to the executive tier. Executives often need to analyze other factors that impact the entire business that come from multiple levels.
  • Considering New Trends: Industry changes and new trends are constantly popping up. Executives must stay up-to-date on these changes to determine whether the company must adapt along with them, including updating technology.

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The middle tier of these three positions is the director’s role, outlined below.

Supply Chain Director Roles and Responsibilities

The director takes on the responsibilities of one department or area of the supply chain, like purchasing or transportation. These are the responsibilities of a director in a supply chain:

  • Manage Efficiency: Like executives, directors oversee a broader part of the supply chain. They have to look at the different parts of their area to keep their part of the supply chain running efficiently.
  • Analyze Past Performance: Directors look at past reports of performance and other factors to see if their area is meeting efficiency standards. If not, they must find ways to improve.
  • Report to Executives: Directors write routine reports — weekly, monthly and annually — to keep executives up-to-date and aware of the status of each area.

The executive will set the goals for the area that the director oversees, and it is the primary responsibility of the director to strategize and meet those goals.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Supply Chain Manager?

The supply chain discipline involves many steps in a global market. Raw materials may be procured in one country, shipped to a different destination and assembled and prepared across multiple facilities before heading to the final location.

The supply chain manager is the professional who oversees these steps to ensure the most productive and efficient system possible. As a vital position within a company, you want to make sure you find the right talent to fill your supply chain manager role. At Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, we have expert knowledge of the supply chain industry to help you quickly find qualified candidates for all positions.

Job Description

Are you wondering what does a supply chain manager do on a daily basis? A supply chain manager’s daily responsibilities include managing all the processes and steps needed to transform raw materials into a final product and having that product sent to its ultimate destination on time. To do this, managers may need to oversee production, then monitor and track materials and products as they are made and shipped. Managers often keep track of supplies and products to meet demand, ensuring customers aren’t disappointed.

Another aspect of the supply chain manager’s job description includes staying alert for any issues that could lead to shortages, delays, rising costs and other problems. Managers also create delivery systems so every item reaches its destination efficiently. Overall, supply chain managers remove as much friction as possible from the supply chain discipline and keep operations moving smoothly, even with consistent global changes. As part of this responsibility, supply chain managers may travel to oversee production in different facilities.

Supply Chain Manager Salary and Qualifications

A supply chain manager’s salary can vary — the exact figure will depend on education, experience, the position’s requirements, the company and other variables.

These individuals must have at least a bachelor’s degree and be highly organized and driven. Other supply chain manager qualifications include:

  • An understanding of process development and management.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Creative thinking to help bring products to the market faster.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Data management skills.
  • Relationship-building and interpersonal skills.
  • Technical ability, including a solid understanding of artificial intelligence, analytics software and innovations that can impact the supply chain.

Find a Supply Chain Manager Today

Your supply chain manager can help prevent shortages and upset customers, so you must have top talent to fill this crucial position. If you want to remove the pressure of finding the perfect fit, contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters.

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Hire Supply Chain Talent

Finding talented professionals to fill the roles within all three tiers is key in achieving smooth operations at every level. Trust Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters to help you fill open positions with exceptional people. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to get the process started.

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