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Most Desirable Employee Benefits

Most Desirable Employee Benefits

Benefits are an important part of the recruiting process. From advertising your unique benefits package to attract potential candidates to negotiating with recent hires about the specifics, benefits play an important role in attracting and keeping top talent. Finding what benefits employees value the most can help you adjust your own offerings to attract more and better-qualified candidates.

If your benefits are not as good compared to other companies, you may lose employees or won’t bring in the best candidates. Below are the top 10 employee benefits that job seekers want.

1. Better Insurance Options

Better insurance is rated the most important benefits to employees. Having health, dental and vision insurance lets people live more healthily and helps the employee’s family as well. Providing several different options is another strength in this type of benefit.

2. Flexible Work Hours

More than ever, members of the workforce have varying schedules. A typical nine-to-five job doesn’t work for every employee and job seeker out there. Whether they have kids, parents that they care for or other needs, offering flexible work hours is attractive because it gives employees more control over their schedules.

3. More Vacation Days

When you don’t give employees enough vacation days, they’ll get burnt out. More vacation days is a simple way to help keep employees happier and working to their full potential throughout the year.

4. Work From Home Days

Many companies are adopting days of the week or month for employees to opt to work from home instead of coming into the office because so many members of the workforce love this option.

5. Tuition & Student Loan Assistance

This benefit shows employees that you care about their professional development and can also help lessen the financial burden of paying for continued education or student loans.

6. Maternity & Paternity Leave

The standard leave time is about six weeks. By offering less time, you may be turning away talented candidates. If you can offer additional time for maternity and paternity leave, you may attract more applicants.

7. Wellness Benefits

Wellness benefits are often part of the best employee benefits packages. On-site gyms, fitness classes, reimbursements for gym memberships and more are all great ways to encourage employees to be healthy.

8. Daycare Services

Daycare is an expensive part of many parents’ monthly expenses. By offering on-site daycare services, you may very well attract candidates who would readily choose a position with your company over another that did not offer this benefit.

9. In-Office Perks

Snacks, coffee and other perks for employees to enjoy during work hours are lower on the list of the most important benefits to employees, but it’s still a nice way to help employees reenergize throughout the day.

10. Out-Of-Office Perks

Employee bonding events, work retreats and other events out of the office create a positive atmosphere because employees can get to know each other on a more personal level instead of a professional one alone.

If you’re noticing that you aren’t finding top talent for open positions, it may be time to change and improve your benefits package

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