Cons of Using Job Boards for Recruitment

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Are you in the process of recruiting for a crucial position in your supply chain or logistics company? Operating your supply chain properly means making sure every department and position is in harmony to provide your product or service efficiently — and when a cog is missing, it means the whole machine can’t operate as it should.

To get your company back on track and give you more time to focus on running operations, you want your vacancy filled as soon as possible. Companies often wonder, are job boards effective? Finding a qualified candidate can be a complicated, time-consuming process — especially if you attempt to do it through a job search website. Here’s why trying to fill a vacancy through an online job portal isn’t effective — and how you can find candidates more easily.

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Disadvantages of Online Job Portals

Do job boards actually work? In short no, you can be overwhelmed by responses that do not match your requirements wasting valuable time and money.

This does not give you the ability to tap into the passive candidate network.

While job search websites used to be a more viable option, today there are so many sites and so many candidates that it’s almost impossible to find the right one through a search portal.  What are the downsides of using a job board? Here are some of the many cons of job boards:

  • They’re expensive. Even though candidates searching for jobs might not have to pay to be members, your company has to pay to post jobs online. Whether search websites ask for a one-time fee or a recurring fee as long as your position is listed, they can become expensive. And when the website isn’t even bringing you the right candidates, the expense certainly isn’t worth it.
  • They’re time-consuming. Listing your position online requires constant maintenance, checking and adjusting. You have to stay on top of your position post, update its status, check for new applications, review new candidates and send responses. All that time spent on your job post takes away from running the company — without any promise of getting you closer to the right candidate.
  • They have no screening. Anyone can sign up for a profile and apply for a job on an online job portal — no matter their credentials. With no official screening process in place, the website you’re using can allow unlimited unqualified candidates to apply. Reviewing unqualified applications is an even further waste of your time.
  • They’re ineffective for high-level positions. Because they have no screening process and allow companies to post for a wide variety of jobs, online job search websites tend to be better choices for entry-level positions. Your high-level position won’t get the attention or the kind of candidates you need.

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How Recruiters Help You Avoid the Cons of Job Search Websites

When you’re recruiting for a high-level supply chain position, your search process deserves the highest level of attention and quality, as well — and that’s what Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters offers you. With a longstanding, inside understanding of the supply chain and logistics industries, we specialize in seeking, sourcing and recruiting exactly the right kind of candidates for your executive-level positions.

Through our dedicated engagement and contingency recruiting services, we get to know your company personally. With a solid understanding of your standards and goals, we employ our resources to recruit both active and passive candidates, selecting the best fit for your company and assisting you through the hiring process. Our emphasis on experience, knowledge and professionalism will ensure you find the right person for your high-level vacancy. Contact OptimumSCR to hire top talent today.

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