Choosing a Purchasing Executive Search Firm

How to Choose a Purchasing Executive Search Firm

If you are seeking a purchasing executive, a specialized procurement executive search firm can help you get qualified talent for your company. However, not every purchasing headhunter is the same. For the right procurement executive recruitment services, look for a firm offering:

  • Extensive but focused contacts. Qualified companies such as Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters understands your needs, ensuring we don’t have to start from scratch when you have a persistent need to fill a vacancy. Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters works with candidates in your industry and those with the best talent, so you’re not relying on job postings that will bring in lots of irrelevant candidates.With contacts from Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters, you have access to a pool of talent that may not be actively searching for jobs, but could still fill your vacancies. Unlike other recruitment companies, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters has a contacts list specifically geared for supply chain jobs, so you get access to a wider pool of candidates meeting your requirements.
  • Knowledge. A qualified procurement search firm understands your business and your sector. They understand what a procurement executive needs to do and what their role would be at your company. This allows them to find the most qualified talent for your needs. OptimumSCR has worked in supply chain and purchasing recruitment for more than 30 years, so our entire team has an extensive understanding of the demands of recruitment in this sector.
  • Experience with all segments of the supply chain. A procurement specialist may need to understand risk management, new products, new market entry, worldwide sourcing, SIOP,  IT and other areas. Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters specializes in supply chain recruitment and understands every aspect of this field, ensuring our matches for our clients meet the highest standards. We speak your language, so we can ensure any potential candidates do, too.
  • An understanding of both the technical and soft skills needed for the position. Procurement executives need highly technical and business skills, but also need to be team players, leaders and exceptional communicators. Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters understands the qualities which not only make an excellent procurement executive, but also someone who is a part of your growing team.

OptimumSCR can identify the candidates who have the vision, flexibility, expertise and proven background to help your company advance. Whether you’re looking for an executive to launch a new product, replace an outgoing professional or handle new market entry, contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters to fill the positions you need to fill to start growing your business exponentially.

Not all procurement executive search firms are the same. A company recruiting general positions may not understand supply chain management enough to help you find the highly specialized candidates able to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters focuses exclusively on supply chain and logistics recruitment, ensuring you always work with professionals who understand your needs and can connect you with potential team members who can flourish in your employment environment and culture.