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Procurement executive jobs have a big impact on the bottom line. Procurement and purchasing executives and managers make key decisions that can influence profit margins, supply levels, budgets and more. You can rely on the procurement experience and recruitment expertise at Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters to fill senior procurement positions, vice president jobs, and other management positions at your company.

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters is a functionally focused procurement recruitment agency. We consistently conduct supply chain and procurement executive searches for our clients nationwide. Due to this functional concentration and expertise our procurement recruiters know how to qualify procurement professionals based on the current maturity level of your procurement organization – or where you want it to go!

For more than 30 years, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters has been filling procurement director jobs across various industries, both locally and internationally. We have filled vacancies in domestic and international manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and distributor operations. Choosing a purchasing executive search firm pays of in the long run because we help companies find long-term employees that fit the company culture and exceed expectations in performance.

OptimumSCR already has a database of experienced professionals with the talent you seek, allowing us to quickly and efficiently match your open positions with the enthusiastic talent you need to take your company to the next level.

Our Executive Procurement Recruiters know how to qualify candidates for expertise in:
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Relationship Management and Development
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Direct and Indirect Category Management Ownership
  • P2P and eSourcing
  • Supply Risk Mitigation
  • Low Cost Country Sourcing
  • Contract Negotiations

Why Choose Optimum?

To make sure your company is appropriately projecting future costs, analyzing your outgoing and incoming funds, managing supplier relationships and sourcing inventory, you need a procurement firm with only the best professionals. Your operations should produce a profit for you and efficiently deliver your products and services to the end user.

When you have a procurement position open from Analyst to Buyer to Sourcing Manager to VP of Procurement, OSCR has the proven experience and capability to find your organization the most qualified, quality candidates with the experience, expertise and skills to fit your position and company culture.

Are You Looking for a Procurement Job?

If you are looking for a procurement executive or management position, contact Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters and get ready to submit your resume. Our comprehensive database includes professionals such as yourself so that we can discuss your background with employers when they have opportunities. Working with Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters means tapping the hidden job market and having a chance at employment options, even when they are not posted on job sites. Unsure if you meet the requirements to be hired for the procurement position of your dreams? Read our job descriptions below to see if your experience and expertise are a good fit for your desired position.

Procurement Director Job Description

As an upper-level management position, Directors of Procurement work expressly within logistics, planning and purchasing to ensure the consistency, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy of the procurement process. These procurement leaders are responsible for overseeing and facilitating the purchasing strategy, supervising teams of subordinate staff in purchasing, operations and logistics, and ensuring all employees and processes meet the company’s standards and designations for work quality.

The Director will establish essential guidelines for approving purchase orders, set purchasing policies, manage inventory, budget for materials and continuously consider stock requirements, skills and account balances. While managing purchasing processes and results, the Director of Procurement must also collaborate initiatives for cost-reduction.

Typically, a Director of Procurement communicates regularly with many other professionals, including leadership teams in operation and finance, project managers, engineers, production workers, sales representatives and administrative workers. He or she is also in direct communication with vendors and suppliers to handle queries, make agreements and improve the purchasing process. To better understand every aspect of procurement, the Director may attend regular meetings with other teams. The Director of Procurement reports to the Vice President of Purchasing or the company’s CFO.

Express tasks of the Procurement Director include:

  • Maintaining knowledge of the market, in addition to current prices and fair rates for goods
  • Planning policies and procedures for efficiently, honestly, economically and productively purchasing goods for supply chain production and operation
  • Monitoring, reviewing and analyzing bids and quotes with suppliers, including the negotiation of service agreements and contracts
  • Overseeing sources for purchasing supplies
  • Maintaining company budget and streamlining costs
  • Director of Purchasing Salary and Qualifications
  • The position requires specific and detailed qualifications, including:

    • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
    • At least 10 years of relevant purchasing experience, including a minimum of five years in management
    • Extensive field knowledge
    • Strong leadership skills and the ability to direct others according to company standards
    • Exemplary multitasking and organizational skills
    • Excellent communication skills
    Procurement Analyst Job Description

    The purchasing agent has several duties, including:

    • Testing and inspecting the products or services their vendors sell and documenting their findings
    • Staying up to date with new vendors in the discipline as well as new trends in what vendors in their area sell
    • Developing a clear understanding of the company’s needs
    • Communicating with vendors to explain what their company needs
    • Creating contracts with suppliers and closing deals to get needed products and services
    • Compiling reports and keeping track of costs for all suppliers, communicating results with stakeholders
    • Maintaining Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and keeping them updated with information about vendors
    • Resolving issues with vendors if they arise
    • Changing suppliers if a relationship is not ultimately successful

    Procurement Analyst Salary and Qualifications:

    • Successful purchasing analysts need several qualifications.
    • They also need excellent critical thinking, negotiation and contract-writing and review skills for forming relationships with vendors.
    • An understanding of cost-benefit analysis and CRM software is essential to effectiveness in the position.
    • Most purchasing agents have business management and forecasting experience as well as strong communication abilities.
    • Purchasing Manager Job Description

      The manager isn't directly responsible for other purchasing analysts like the purchasing director is. While the purchasing manager may have some duty in supervising staff the purchasing manager is mainly responsible for developing and executing purchasing strategies, crafting negotiations to strike the best deal with vendors & tracking key performance indicators in order to measure their success.

      Depending on the company size the purchasing manager may also be in charge of managing budgets, managing supplier relations and allocating tasks throughout the purchasing team. Lastly, the manager also develops bids and proposals, processes orders and handles discrepancies in invoicing.

      In that role, they develop long-term goals for the department, create and share a business plan for procurement and manage the team. As a part of their work, the director will evaluate team and individual performance, designing a program that makes the best use of the team's skill.

      When other departments need to communicate about procurement or have related questions, the director of procurement is the professional they contact. The procurement director also takes care of contracts — including their administration and creation — within the department. If training related to procurement is required at the company or within the director’s team, the director will organize the appropriate programs.

      The procurement director also works on developing and managing any policies and programs pertaining to procurement. Their goal is to keep other departments aware of any relevant changes or needs that come up and improve overall efficiency as well as value for clients.

      Purchasing Manager Salary and Qualifications:

      • A degree in business administration or a similar field of study
      • 4 years of experience as a purchasing analyst or a similar role
      • A wealth of knowledge in supply chains and their functions
      • Excellent communication skills (verbal & written)
      • Some sort of management experience or the ability to supervise a team
      • Most employers prefer an APICS certification
      • Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters works with candidates over the long-term, ensuring we build a relationship with you so that we can help take your career to the next level. Candidates come to us again and again during their career, as do companies, because we’re so effective at matching potential talent with companies and businesses in need. Companies know they can trust us to find the hidden talent they need to reach their business goals, and candidates know they can turn to us to secure their dream job. Submit your resume today to get connected with top procurement organizations.

Procurement Positions We Recruit

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We Are Top Procurement Recruitment Consultants

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters are executive procurement recruiters that specialize in finding the procurement talent for purchasing and global sourcing positions — at any level, in any industry. From Strategic Sourcing Manager to a President of Procurement, our involvement in leading industry organizations makes us a top procurement recruitment firm and gives us access to the best and brightest in the procurement, strategic sourcing, and purchasing arena in: Manufacturing, Automotive, CPG, Retail, Technology, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other sectors. View tips on how to choose a purchasing search firm!

Our network of contacts gives us access to the highest caliber of executive procurement professionals. Our strategic sourcing recruiters and procurement recruiters, will deliver the right candidate to your organization.

Purchasing Recruitment

If you are looking for a Vice President Global Sourcing, Vice President Purchasing, President Sourcing, Director of Purchasing, Director of Procurement or Buyer, we are a recruiting firm specializing in procurement and our procurement recruiting services could help you. We specialize in purchasing, procurement and sourcing recruiters for both domestic and global manufacturing, logistics and supply chain operations.

Purchasing, procurement, strategic sourcing — these functions have a significant impact on any company’s bottom line. Leading companies and cutting-edge emerging organizations realize this. They also understand that sourcing, procurement, purchasing are strategic functions today that require managing on a total-delivered-cost vs. best-spot-price basis.

How Can A Sourcing or Purchasing Headhunter Help?

Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters are procurement recruiters that specialize in finding the right person for purchasing and global sourcing positions — at any level, in any industry. From Strategic Sourcing Manager to a Vice President Purchasing, our involvement in leading industry organizations makes us a top purchasing recruitment firm and gives us access to the best and brightest in the procurement, sourcing, and purchasing arena in heavy manufacturing, automotive, CPG, retail, high tech, chemical, pharmaceutical and other sectors.

President Global Sourcing, Procurement Director, Purchasing Manager, President Purchasing, Vice President Sourcing – these are the types of executive level opportunities available. Our network of contacts gives us access to this level and caliber of an executive. As a strategic sourcing recruiter and purchasing recruiter, we will deliver the right candidate to you. Our Retained Search or Dedicated Engagement Divisions can recruit a Vice President Purchasing or Director of Procurement. Our Contingency Recruiting Division can locate an Analyst or Buyer, and our Interim Division successfully fills positions in Sourcing, Procurement and Purchasing when a special project needs to be addressed.

As a logistics recruiter, we specialize in finding the right person to fill your sourcing, procurement and purchasing management positions. Count on it.

Procurement Recruiter Services

Our specialized recruitment techniques focus on knowledge, professionalism and expertise to seek out candidates with just the right caliber of background experience, industry knowledge, specific skills, innovation and reliability to fill your vital vacancies.

Offering you a contract that details our claims, guarantees and services, we strive to understand your company personally and work with you to find the talent you need. We think you’ll be fully satisfied with our unique consultative approach and our specialized services. Make us your strategic sourcing and purchasing recruiters! Contact us today or call us at 800-300-7609.

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